I would do ANYTHING to please my partner!!! Truly anything!!….

“Oh wait, No… I won’t do THAT.” That thing.
My personal work.
The things that require effort and growth.
The things that make me uncomfortable not because it’s wild and crazy but because it makes me look/feel myself.
It requires…. oh goodness…. TIME!!! 🤭🤫😮😲
The horror!

That’s just too much to ask!

It is often that couples will sit in front of me and the biggest issue in their sex is that one or both aren’t willing to engage in the inner work and practices that will make their sex and relationships better.

They are usually willing to learn a new technique. Try a new kinky behavior. Have MORE sex. Etc.

But often when we get down to doing the daily and inner practices that sustain sexual health and vibrance people fall down on the job.

I hear women almost daily asking their men to take more time loving on their bodies and connecting before penetration. Also a common request from an awakened female is for a man to last longer by doing his daily presence and weightlifting practices.

And the men often saying they would do ANYTHING will retract and make excuses for why they aren’t slowing down and taking the time not just on their woman but also with themselves. Not willing to do the true “work” and wishing their was just some magical position that would fix it all.

I hear men consistently asking their women to tune in and connect with their genitals and then to SHARE their sensations and desires with the man. The men ask the woman to do the work to clear out the physical traumas and/or do the health training of the vaginal canal. The men desiring their woman to get out their heads and into their bodies to truly divinely connect.

And the women usually say they would do anything to experience the sex they’ve heard about from awakened sexual souls. They claim to be willing to do ANYTHING to save their relationship… except heal their sex. Now they will have duty sex mind you but they won’t do that inner work that would stir them.

Then both men and women wonder why change isn’t happening!!! Why their partner becomes angry and frustrated with the sex.

Its usually comes down to one or both parties being unwilling to do the deeper work that takes time, effort, presence, and a good hard look at self.

Sex at one level is very intuitive to humans but gourmet sexing is not. The animalistic aspect of us knows how to engage in sex but the spiritual aspect needs MORE.

We need a sense of presence in order to reach our partners at a deeper level sexually and also to touch into the yummy feeling and energies within.

Presence in this day and age is not natural with everything trying to pull us this way and that and so requires a conscious intent. It requires us to train ourselves to slow down and be in the moment.

Also our sexual muscles with our current lifestyles of sitting down, holding tensions, and traumas require us to clear, heal, and train our physical bodies to have the best sex.

NO ONE is having good sex if it is consistently only a few minutes long and/or the muscles are numbed and weak.

In order to FEEL our sex or our partner, we must be present and have strong but lean sexual muscles.

And more than any of that we need a clear head space which comes from clear out all the negative belief systems surrounding our sexuality that are picked up throughout our lives. We need to be able to drop resentments, anger, frustrations, and clear out traumas of many different kinds…

And that requires INNER WORK.

Sex itself when done in a conscious fashion is our inner work but instead many think they can shut down those pieces and still have mind-blowing sex.

From all my years of work with clients…

Most sexual issues come from lack of effort in inner work, time, and presence.

Don’t tell your partner you are willing to do anything to please them if you truly aren’t willing to step up into yourself first and foremost.

Gourmet sex requires that thing…
That thing that you haven’t been willing to do!

Reawaken Your Sex, Reawaken Your Life!




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