As I am a little over half-way through the live trainings I am doing this week for my “Passionate Powerful Me Online Course” (Yes, it will be available for purchase again on my website after the 15th). I obviously am spending much of my time speaking and simply thinking about true power.

Though it is often that when thinking about power we immediately go to the thoughts surrounding outward power. Power in terms of money. Power in terms of being able to make the best argument. Power in the terms of sometimes even yelling or making the more outwards scene.

What often goes unnoticed though is quiet power. The power where you stand in someone’s fire and simply stay in your truth. When you have been hurt but you choose to come back with love. The power of staying silent at times just like the power of verbalizing at other times. The power in staying in a state of faith that God really does have our backs and everything will work out fo the best.

Yes, power can come in all forms!

But how do we know the difference between REAL power and FALSE power within ourselves?

The answer is tuning into self. Our souls and our love, in truth is our power. If something is coming from a place of anger, resentment, or even simply wounding then it is NOT POWER!

There is a meme going around the internet right now that states, “If you don’t heal from what hurt you, you’ll bleed on people that didn’t cut you”. This is true in finding our true power… it can only come from a place of love and healing.

Look at many of the great non-violent activists like Ghandi… they had such immense power. However, so did many of the horrible dictators that we have seen throughout history. My question is what power are you going to choose?

The type that leaves people harmed and wounded in your wake and that is backed by EGO? Or the type that heals and while not able to be pushed to the side…just stands in alignment to soul?

Throughout my life I have been told again and again to “stand in your power”. And it is only in the last few years that I can say, “but I am “. My power is not one that looks like yelling, screaming, and a chess game of words and actions. Actually if I am yelling and screaming I know that I am way out of alignment with my power! This is simply not me. When in anger I am never in true power.

No, my power is and has always been a quiet one within my soul. It is the power to love even when hurt, power to hold space, and then when something really does matter to stand up with a firm voice but open heart.

We all have power within us and it changes as we change with the seasons of life. How would you define YOUR power in this season of life? Where do you pull your power from? Is it true power or a false power that hurts, claims, and controls?

Only you my dears can answer that question for yourselves but I pray you take the time to inquire!

Sending you Love, Light, & Blessings!


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