The things we get used too and no longer accept.

As many have seen on Facebook, Texas and many parts of the Southern US got some severe winter weather.

Now… severe because it happed in the SOUTH.

So, as I sit writing this and watching the snow fall from the sky and look at the very rare site of snow completely covering my grass. I am forced to laugh!

“Man I’ve gotten soft”, I thought to self.

See I grew up in a part of New York where snow was pretty much a weekly occurrence and usually about once a year we would get a blizzard so bad that power would go out for days, and we would trudge off to my neighbors next to snow drifts taller than me.

Yet, I sat looking outside and was amazed that this white fluffy stuff and zero degree temperatures used to be my norm.

But the truth is that my reality has changed. Continuous snow is no longer acceptable in my life.

(Hence not living in the North East US).

I choose a different environment for my life and winters.

Just like thought out my years I’ve had to continuously keep choosing and changing my reality.

Deciding what is acceptable in my life and what is not!

The problem is that many avoid making a change in their reality and deciding what they are going to choose to no longer accept. And while weather may be easy…

What about what you are no longer willing to accept from your daily routine and the vibe it provides you?

What about the way in which you interact with family, friends, and colleagues?

What about your romantic relationship and all the places you’ve chosen to settle?

What are you accepting?

We often talk about changing realities but there are times when we actually change our realities for the negative. We DONT choose and therefore we digress and allow what we truly don’t want to seep into our worlds.

This is not uncommon and so nothing to beat ourselves sup over but it is something that when we realize we’ve started to accept the unacceptable….

Well!!! Time to choose a new reality and set some boundaries down. Mainly those boundaries need to be set within our own mind when we think about our world and the reality we choose.

No more slipping into that old reality.

We can easily get used to things in our worlds.

AND we can easily change direction to change it up.

I am incredibly powerful and so are YOU!

We are constantly changing our realities and our lives.

Just think back to how different your life is now than it was 10 years ago!

The trick is to CHOOSE the reality of your heart and not just the one thrust upon you.

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