“How how you be so irresponsible and stick your head in the sand?”
“Why are you watching the new constantly and lowering your vibe”

You should…
Stay positive
Stay informed
Create community
Distance yourself

In our current work atmosphere it is hard to know what to do and how to act. And I’m not going to sit here all high and mighty and tell you that I have all the answers for you…

Because I don’t!
We are all in this together.
Learning how to navigate a situation that is impacting us all and watching in fear as not just a virus is spread but also our world is in more chaos each day.

Unemployment rates rise and Self-employed attempt to hold on to what they have worked to create.

People are hungry and without necessary essentials

And then people are dying for COVID-19 and also suicide, domestic violence, and abuse… just to name a few.

There are those that tell us that we must constantly stay informed. The pressure to always have the news or social media in front of us is intense. We need to do our social responsibility and play a part in what’s happening.

Yet, there is also a push to stay positive and focus on things outside of the current world situation. I see people talking about completely ignoring the news and just focusing internally right now.

Coaches, therapist, and metaphysical healers talking about just focusing on other areas of your personal growth work. Taking that online course. Starting that workout routine. Laying around and enjoying the downtime.

Though how does one stay informed but still not allow all the negative energy to drag you down?

I know for myself I have had to spend the last few days navigating how to get through this time. There was one day when I was glued to my news screen which is such a foreign thing to me that it’s almost laughable. Then there was another day that I completely ignored all that was happening out in the world.

Ignoring made me feel better for a moment… but then I felt disconnected and uninformed. While at the same time I got nothing accomplished the day that I was entrenched in news and I went to bed feeling bogged down in the energies.

In truth I think everyone needs to feel into their alignment over this situation and what makes them feel the most harmonized.

We in truth can have it all here… we can take care of self, take time for self, grow ourselves, stay in a good vibration AND also stay informed and not neglect the world and community around us. We most likely won’t do it perfectly but with a little effort we can find a way to feel more in tune with it all.

Again, not going to tell you what to do with your days and your life but here are some things I’m finding helpful and I hope you will too…

* Keep a routine even if stuck in your home. Also make sure this routine includes down time to relax, meditate, and release some of the stresses.

* Check on the happenings a few times a day but then refocus towards other aspects of life in-between these times. Close the computer tab to news when doing personal work on the computer. The news will still be there in an hour.

* Set aside time to inform yourself and allow yourself to dig deep into the literature and numbers. Truly inform yourself past the local new alerts. Dig deeper.

* Cleanse your energy a few times a day. Breathe in light and breathe out the darkness and heaviness. Cord cut. Send positive energies. Whatever your energy clearing practices.

* Have an hour a day where you focus on something that grows and expands you as a person. This is a perfect time for self-growth and a great way to build more positivity in the current world.

* Also Allow yourself to feel what you feel and honor it. Journaling, screaming, crying, or even skipping with joy are all perfectly acceptable. If things get too heavy then reach out to someone that can offer a refocus. None of us are doing this alone.

There is a way to harmonize and keep growing ourselves without forgetting about the world. Right now we need to come together and not distance from each other in our energies. We might not be able to reach out and physically touch someone but we live in a beautiful time of internet, social media, and the telephone where we can still have a community.

We can get through this stronger with self and stronger within community.

Sending an extra specially loving

Love, light, & Blessings to you all.



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