When was the last time you truly felt into your heart, into your body, and into your energy? 

Today I sat in the sauna as the heat hit my body and did exactly this… heart, body, & energy!

I have daily practices to tune me into these things and even being conscientious I still sometimes will find myself disconnecting when life gets busy. 

Though it always amazes me that so many people never take the time to really connect in this way. People living only from the necks up and wondering why they are having issues in their bodies, in their emotions, and in their connections with others. 

I guess it doesn’t surprise me that much since I remember being that person once upon a time. And I can get up in my head with the best of them but it is the recognition of this process. 

If you never quiet your mind then how do you know you own voice? 
If you never tap into your body… and I mean REALLY tap in from a sensation level then how are you going to know what your body needs?
If you never take the time to recognize your own energy then how are you recognizing the energy of those around you and the connection to your own spirit?

The answer is you’re not!

I love meditation and think it is a vital practice but a few minutes of meditation each day isn’t even enough. 
Now it’s better than nothing and can make a huge difference in your life overall but if you are wanting to live fully as YOU and embodied… you have to up your game!

It is making a conscious effort to be consistently feeling self on all levels and then stopping to tune in at a deeper level throughout the day. Even taking full days off when you find yourself disconnecting to fully devout yourself to SELF.

Yes, taking an entire day to touch base with yourself. I know it sounds absurd and can already hear people shaking their heads that they are “too busy” for such things. In truth you don’t have time not too because if you don’t start connecting then you are going to be watching all your precious years slip through your fingers. 

You will lose your heath equaling less “time”
You will lose mindfulness in the moment equaling a lack of quality in your “time”
You will disconnect from those you love most and lose precious “time” 
You will lose connection with self and thus “time” with self

You have time! You can choose one day every month to spend at least a part of it focusing in on yourself and taking care of self. 

And the beautiful thing is that the more tuned in you get the more your body, mind, and spirit will work with you and the more energy you will have… giving you more time. 

Also, you will begin to have more natural understanding of when you are not connecting and need these moments and when you are doing good and potentially aren’t needing to take full days off. 

Though it is still always nice to take the time to pamper self! 

Truly ask yourself when the last time you pampered self at all levels… mind, body, and spirit? When was the last time you melted until there was no separation… you felt fully as ONE. One amazing blissed out being?

If you never take time… then challenge yourself to just take 10 minutes a day to start.
If you take time daily… then challenge yourself to expand that out in a way (time/activity) to reach deeper.

Getting connected to self is never a waste of our time…
It is how we increase our time!


Love, Light & Blessings!