Never good enough for anyone!
You constantly hear all the ways that you aren’t living up to others spoken and unspoken expectations of you.
Not good enough at work
Not good enough at your romantic relationship
Not good enough at your friendships
Not good enough at ANYTHING it feels like!

So you sit there and wonder why you are even trying and desire to simply just give up! Give up since you never seem to be hitting the mark.
At least that is what your current viewpoint is allowing you to hear from others. Manifesting this continual feedback about you simply not measuring up.
Though none of that matters.
It doesn’t matter because at the heart of it all the issue isn’t you listening to others. We all receive feedback and can translate it to a victim mode of not good enough.
The issue isn’t you hearing those comments since….
In truth YOU are the issue.
Yes, another way you aren’t good enough… but truly try to absorb this one because it could take away all the other ones.
The issue lies in YOU not being GOOD ENOUGH for YOU!
You my dear soul are not good enough for yourself and this is creating an avalanche in your life.
If you were good enough for yourself then that belief would be front and center. It would trump all other feedback because at your core you would know that you are enough.
Others perceptions of you would roll right off your back and in the instances that you really did mess something up or not make a mistake it would not be an attack on your very core but just a point of learning.
Though right now you don’t have the love and value for yourself. You are sending out a misalignment in your energy that says that you believe you are not good enough and that others come first and thus others pick that energy right up and mirror it back to you.
Why have you decided that you aren’t good enough for yourself. Where did you lose yourself? And in truth did you ever “have” yourself and your own back.
Maybe you’ve experienced horrific trauma ()
Maybe you’ve been unloved by parents or family ()
Maybe you’ve been physically broken, had disease, or addictions ()
Maybe you’ve failed at a major endeavor ()
Guess what???
That doesn’t matter.
Stop blaming your parents and family
Stop blaming this friend or that lover
Stop blaming your money or your time
Stop blaming your past….
Right now you get to decide and choose if you are going to be good enough for you.
Now, it might take some practice to fully align with yourself if you’ve become disconnected. It will take time for that energy to seeps out into the universe and start changing the “not good enough” manifestation since you’ve been swirling it for a very long time.
But you can start believing it and taking actions to connect deeper with yourself and all the ways you are good enough.
Because at the end of the day if you don’t see and believe you are good enough…
Then the world will continue to bat you around with all their opinions and perspectives of you.
But when you know at your core that YOU ARE ENOUGH then the rest of it doesn’t touch you in the same way.
Take the time to see where you have eaten away at your own core worthiness.
And as I always say…
God doesn’t make unworthy things.
You are enough!
Love, Light, & Blessings,
TᗩᑎTᖇIᑕ ᗷOᗪYᗯOᖇK E᙭ᑭᒪOᖇᗩTIOᑎ ᑭᗩᑕKᗩGE
You want to feel the power of energy flowing through your veins in an orgasmic manner!
Desire to feel as you body is overcome with sensations!
Crave to find healing from the blocks and holdbacks of your past that have manifested into dis-ease, tension, and constriction in your body!
Apply Now!-
You want to feel the power of energy flowing through your veins in an orgasmic manner! Desire to feel as you body is overcome with sensations! Crave to find healing…
A huge shout out to DandelionImages for this photo!