📣 When you stop taking your body for granted….
Your body will start to partner WITH you and bring you to that next level pleasure. 📣
🔥 I work with clients every day that want to look and feel orgasmic.
Yet, they consistently talk shiz about their physical form and/or spend their entire day never connecting with their bodies.
I get it!!! I’ve been there! 🙄

I spent years hating on my body and yet wondering why it wouldn’t do what I wanted… why couldn’t I shed the extra weight, why wasn’t I having deep orgasmic moments, and why was I always sick???
🙏 It simply came down to me hating my body so much that I was scared to truly inhabit it entirely. Scared to reach down deeper into my own core. 🙏
🔥🔥The magic was that when I finally reconnected with my body and stepped into a practice of daily embodiment ….
* My physical body transformed
* My sex became orgasmic
* I was less sick
* And was so much happier and intuitive
Its a simple principle but one that many don’t implement.
❤️ Embodiment is not just meditating.
❤️ Embodiment is getting very present with the physical being and all the feelings/sensations.
It’s touching your body in a meaningful way. Feeling when its tense and stiff. Feeling where you’re holding energy. Feeling the pleasure without jumping to your head.
If I can give you one tip and one tip only for a more orgasmic life…
🔑🧿 Embodiment would be the key. 🧿🔑
Spend the time making friends with your physical form !
Love you all! 💋
💥 I could say that you should do a consult with me to “uplevel your life”, to “grab the orgasmic life and all the moments”.💥
🥰 But the reality is sometimes we just need someone to lend a hand to guide us through…
🥰 To hold fierce space…
🥰 And thats what I love doing.
👉Reach out for a consultation and have someone there.. listening… and lending a hand to make your world even just a tiny but easier and brighter!