When you’re a yes to everything you are a no to soul!
I sat as a client shared that they wanted to be a ‘f-ck yes’ to everything. Every connection, every opportunity, everything.
I quickly had to rearrange my face from my disgust look… the one that continues to get me into trouble but that radiates the feelings coursing through my body at the sensations being created. (At the thought, not at the person).
Then I shouted that I was a ‘F-ck No’ to that idea for them and that it was a true soul No!
When you are a F-yes to everything then you are really a F-yes to nothing.
Let me explain…
The F-yes power we hear so much about these days comes from a connection to our soul alignment. It means that we are being guided and connected to the energies that are meant for us but on the other hand we equally feel the places where we are a NO. If we can not feel and speak our authentic NO then there is no such thing in our vibrations as an authentic YES.

When we say we want to be a yes to everything this means that we are lost. We are lost because we are throwing our energies around willy-nilly with no direction and thus allowing all kinds of things to pull away from our personal energy. We drain ourselves and we over-give to everyone and everything in our lives. In truth, not giving to any one or thing because we are depleted with no real energy to share.
When we pretend to be a F-Yes to everything then we end up not listening to our core and just going along with things despite them potentially being a danger to ourselves and energy. We instead are tossing energies around in hopes that we will find something that pumps up our energies… but usually by the time we get there we are so disconnected from soul we don’t even hear the call.
Working to be a YES to more things can be a beautiful process of getting outside of your comfort zone and introduce you to amazing opportunities/people in life. But that does not mean saying yes to everything. You can be open and pushing yourself to expand and still be discerning with where you place your energy and time.
I challenge you to be a yes to more things that simply are right outside of your comfort zone but that are indeed aligned. I also challenge you to be a NO to more things that truly aren’t benefiting you.
The more we say yes, the more we also have to learn to say no.
And if you want it to be a F-ck Yes…
Then that requires tapping into your soul baby.
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