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I see you.
Yes, you…
The one reading all my posts. Checking out all my programs. Watching my videos. Asking the questions over messenger and looking for some free answers.

I see you!
I know you want more for your life.
I know you are looking to have that orgasmic sex life that leaves you turned on for days.
I know you want that woman (or man) in your life that will make you finally feel at home and also make you wild with desire.
I know you want all the abundance the Universe can cum all over you with!!!
And I want that for you too!!!
I want you to have your heart’s desire!
And I believe you can have it.
Though in one breathe you complain about how you need and want more in your life. About how you see everyone else living the juicy lives only to be left behind.
You claim you want it!
You claim you will do anything for it!
You even ask how to get it!
Then in the next breathe you deny the things presented to you to get you exactly what you might need!
You jump into your ego and excuses. You can’t handle someone calling you out or pointing out areas of needed growth despite you asking for it.
You aren’t REALLY willing to put in the effort or the energy.
If you aren’t willing to put your money towards something…
You also won’t be willing to put your time and effort towards that same thing. You won’t make progress.
This exact thing has been researched, studied and replicated over and over again that the majority of people do not value things that they do not put money towards.
Which makes me beg the question about how much you really want it.
Do you just want it at a surface level???
The surface will never fully satisfy.
Instead, you backtrack saying that you already know it, practice it, am it!
Well, babe… if you already knew it or practice it then you wouldn’t be where you are standing right now!!
The excuses are strong with you and they keep on flying!
Your kids
Your finances
Your time
Your motivation
?Motivation is B.S.! We have to create motivation and movement.
?If you wanted something bad enough you would make the time! This simply shows a misalignment of priorities.
?Finances are not an excuse for you stepping forwards. Money is an energy and so if you are in the right vibration then the money will come. And even if it didn’t there are still energetic outputs you can make in smaller ways.
?Your kids are not a detriment to your life! They are not an excuse to hide behind and using them as such is a dishonoring of them and all they provide to you.
You right now have the opportunity to drop all the excuses and claim the life you are truly desiring.
But that requires you moving past the surface and not just talking the talk but also walking the walk.
I see all the beauty and potential that is within you!!!
And as humans, all our ego’s will throw in the occasional excuse and reasons for us to not plunge into what we so desperately desire.
It takes you loving yourself enough to see where you aren’t actually doing the work!
It takes you quieting and connecting with self to see where you are faking your vibration and alignment
It takes you looking honestly at where you are using the people, places, and experiences in your life to avoid doing what needs to be done.
It takes a ton of love and courage…
Some A**-kicking to choose to move forward.
But you have it all within you…
I see the fire in your eyes and so let it flow and give it space to be birthed into reality.
Choose to take a step today and every day to move you closer to who you desire to be from a soul aligned place.
Allow yourself to feel as your egoic excuses fall away and simply step in!
I see you!
You’re standing on the sidelines.
It’s time to jump in Babe!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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