Where have all the cowboys/knights/”good men” gone?
If you’re a single female woman or know a single woman then you’ve probably said/heard these questions posed.
Heck, I’ve been frustrated after a few lousy dates and asked the exact same thing! It’s the frustration that often comes out at the male race these days in Western society. The answer to this question though is that we, the women of the Western world, have killed them off and they are currently becoming an endangered species.

Yes, I said that right, the modern woman has killed all the “cowboys”, “real men”, or whatever you want to call them. Men have changed based on how society has pushed them to change and now we stand here pissed off at what our gender has done.
The changes that have resulted from women’s rights had some truly wonderful outcomes in that women now have more opportunities than they’ve ever had in American history, they are getting better educated and are actual 65% of college graduates, are holding some of the best jobs in the nation, some of the top entrepreneurs, and we are getting our voices heard more and more.
That being said, as women have gotten more rights and roles in our society we’ve had a shift happen that wasn’t necessarily foreseen by most in the way our men are seen, treated, and raised. These days there is a lot of talk about equality of the genders which has created a system in which men have abandoned their true masculine natures, where they are able and encouraged to hold space, have focus and direction, and be who they are at their cores. With woman stepping into jobs that are energetically more masculine we have lost the flow and freedom of the feminine nature that allows for creativity and passion.
Men today have been told that women are equal and should be treated in the same way they treat a man, they are not weaker, not more emotional, and carbon copies with different genitals. Well, that’s first off not true but also has led to us as a gender losing out inherent beautiful feminine nature. Women’s brain are indeed wired differently than male counterparts. We are not less than but yes we are different. However, men are told to treat women exactly the same as them.
This has led to a disconnection greater than ever before in the sexes. This has led to many not sure how to approach a woman. If he opens a door for them, will they yell at them about being able to open their own door or will they get a smile and a thank you?
We have become a male bashing society and yet we are encouraged to be overly immersed in masculine energy! Causing a cluster f*ck of confusion.
So men aren’t sure how to be men and women aren’t sure how to be women. And more than genders… we get so disconnected from our own souls and true energy.
We have killed the cowboys!
I challenge you to look at how you are responding to the men in your life. Where are you not willing to soften. Where are you not able to lean into your emotion and your flow? Where are you as a woman pushing away the very thing you claim to desire in a man?
If we desire to have a true masculine in our lives then we must be in our true feminine nature.
The good men, cowboys, knights in shining armor are out there…
You just have to call them in and allow them to stand in that role!
Love you all!
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