Who are You?

Who are you when no one is watching?
What do you dream about when the world gets quiet?
Where does your mind wander when pondering your life?

Who are YOU?

Yes you are living authentically
Yes, you are being real and you
But you know you could be more you!!!

You could be more of that person that you are deep inside

That person that rolls on the floor laughing at a joke
That person that you see when you look deep within your very own eyes
That person that dreams bigger and grander
That person that even allows out anger, frustration, and sadness

You could be MORE YOU

Being authentic isn’t some destination
It is a journey
It is a surrendering
An opening each and every day
A scary exploration and allowing of both dark and light

It’s not that you aren’t authentic…
It’s that you don’t reach down deeper into that authenticity
Allow it out at that next level.
Allowing all the different pieces to come together

We all have a multitude of pieces
We are a beautiful conglomeration
That yes is messy and confusing

But Our truest selves are not this thing or that…
It is a melding together.

But darling you aren’t allowing the full melding
You aren’t diving deeper into your own soul and thus aren’t finding that next level authenticity.

Of course, you are you…
But you could be MORE YOU!

Go tap into you!


Want to dive deeper and expand more?
Wanting to find more authenticity?

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