Who do you think you are?

Well who? Who are you?
How are you trying to define yourself?

Are you defining yourself by the limited socially acceptable ways we are taught to talk about ourselves….

“I am kind”. “I am a 32yr old woman.” “I am a coach/ a teacher/ an entrepreneur.” Blah, Blah, Blah!!!

Boring, boring, boring. These things tell us very little about ourselves and/or another person.

I want to know who you REALLY are!

Our society likes to promote us to be “humble” and not brag too much. Which in turns has made it difficult for many to talk about what makes them beautifully unique. We don’t brag about the amazing things we do or the amazing person we are behind the mask of being publicly correct.

It is my experience with my clients that when I ask this question that I usually will get the above answer OR they start to tear themselves down.

“I am lazy.”, “I am too clingy.”, “I am not good enough at ________.”, “I am someone who didn’t live up to my potential in my career.” More…Blah, blah, blah!

Sure we ALL could define ourselves based upon our failures. We don’t get through life without failures and it would be so easy to tear ourselves down. Actually this is how so very many try to connect with others these days. We will complain about how horrible we are and commiserate with others in a sense of pain.

FYI… this doesn’t define you either.

I could go all spiritual here and say that you are your soul and that the core of you is love and light…. which is very much true. And I always encourage people when looking at who they are to include this piece.

Though who are you in this lifetime? In this body? In these relationships?

Honestly you are a big mixture of everything!

I actually sat with this journal prompt yesterday while doing some inner growth work. The prompt required me to not just look at the pretty PC ways I could define myself but also the stuff that I would be called vain, bitchy, and “too into herself” if verbalized to some.

While also looking at those pieces of myself that were more my shadow self because these too are part of me.

So I encourage you today to journal about who you are! Who were you BORN to be? How do you know this? And where are you playing it too safe?

Claim yourself! Claim your dreams!

~Love, Light, & Blessings~