Time to kick my own ass!

I sit doing mindset work for an online course I am taking this week. (Yes, the best coaches have coaches)

As I begin journaling out the answers I feel the emotions begin to arise within me. It is funny because it is a huge conglomeration of different emotions.

First I am excited because I am proud of how aligned I feel. How I truly can say YES to many of the questions. I am proud of myself for the work I have done, am doing, and how I have so many things already in place.

Go Addison, Go Addison, YOU ROCK!
Lol, yes sometimes you have to celebrate yourself because you can’t rely on others to always do it for you.

Though as I continue my process I see that although in one area I feel entirely aligned… I see the whole…. which is a hole!

Yep, a huge, unmistakable hole.

An area I would love to ignore but its like a neon sign!
I want it to go away and I don’t want to deal but I also see it more clearly with every answer.

This neon sign screams out to me…
“Fix me or nothing will work!”

It’s the key. One area out of alignment that will mess the entire thing up. One area that will infect the rest or BOOM… burst the next level of abundance open!

So I am left with a decision… process and take steps to make changes. Or Don’t. Stay comfortable. Stay small.

Which is the same choice we ALL have!

I can’t tell you how many potential clients I meet with that want that next level of their lives but when push comes to shove they shrink.

Yes, we all find places where we shrink. We don’t stop fully in. We choose to stay small and comfortable.

And usually it’s B.S. excuses that we give to stay small…
? I don’t have the money
? I don’t have the time
? I just am not ____ kind of person
? I’ll do it tomorrow, next week, next year… next lifetime! ?

We all like to think we want to grow and up level but when push comes to shove are you REALLY ready to step-in? Are you really wanting your abundance?

As humans we like comfort and let’s be honest….

And sometimes its the smallest little tweaks that are holding us back. That are infecting our lives. Sometimes elements that from afar don’t look like they have any bearing but if we remember that everything in our lives is integrated then we know….


You want abundance in your business…
You want that amazing sex life…
You want true heartfelt relationships…
You want to feel more fulfilled…
Look at the WHOLE…

And your will find the

Be the change of…
? Getting out of your head
? Creating a routine
? Just f*cking doing the damn thing
? Meditating more
? Eliminating distractions of social media
?Or playing more….

Some of the smallest little tweaks can truly hold us back!

So decide that your desired life is worth more than your comfort. Decide that you are worth more than your excuses.

Or Decide that what you truly desire is…

To Live the Half-Lived Life!

And on that note, I’m off to do my person work of playing!

Light, Love, & Blessings!



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