Why do I love you?
Why do I care?

Why when I look at you do I see such beauty that radiates even in the darkest moments?
Why do I feel physically drawn to your presence?
Why is my heart dragging me this way?


I don’t know and that’s the best reason I can give. I love you because somewhere along the line my soul desired to connect with your soul.

It went deeper.
There was a spark.
My soul saw the lessons it could receive
And the beauty it desired to give.

My soul simply resonated with your soul. There was a hominess… or an excitement… or a sense of being known from the first moment.

My soul simply knew.
Long before the mind knew the soul knew.

And I can tell you that it doesn’t always make sense to me and sometimes I could drive myself wild wondering… WHY?

But I haven’t been able to come up with an answer.
Nor have those I’ve asked the same question to in my past , the ones that I can tell truly care, have ever been able to answer.

I don’t know! I just do!

There are times and people that we simply connect with and there is no reasonable and logical explanation. We jsut care and love deeply.

I’ve strangers that I’ve felt more connection with than family
I’ve had friends that I’ve had more instant and deep love and connection then men sleeping in my bed. I’ve had long term relationships that have been meaningless and short-term relationships that I still hold a great immense love.

Love isn’t about what you do for someone or what someone does for you. Yes, we have these human means of being loved… gifts, time, affirmation…

Love isn’t about finding joy in every little personality trait and more often those we love stir us in a multitude of ways with their traits.

But we love someone because of the energy.

Why do I love?
Why do you love?

Because it is who we are at our cores. We are made of love and to love. We are made with energy that draws and repels. We are born with pasts we have no current knowledge of and with paths that need others for their expansion.

So whether you be…

My lover
My client
My best friend
My follower
Or a random stranger

If I love you it’s not because of what you do for me in the physical (although gifts/affirmations are always appreciated 👑 )

And it won’t ever be the same way I love anybody else.
It is a specific and unique love that is for you and you alone that was inspired by our soul connection.


I could point to conditions and reasons and this would only diminish the expansiveness and cheapness the beauty.

I simply see something in you
I feel drawn to you
And my heart opens around you.

So why do I love you?
Because I just do!

I love you!

Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,

Addison Bell

*Thank you Photography In Wonderland for this photo


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