Why do you ask?
The other day in the store a woman asked to move my cart but as soon as the words were out of her mouth… threw my cart to the side.
There was no space for my response.
Which made my response to her..
“Asking is not consent!”

This small issue in a grocery store, in truth, is not so small because it has permeated our society.
There is an asking but an expectation often that we are going to do what ever we want anyway…
So why ask???
To make us feel better.
To say that we did indeed ask.
And mainly to manipulate.
We don’t actually intend on not getting what we want…
And more than that there are oftentimes when we ask questions in a leading way.
Not to truly inquire but to gather the information that WE want…
The answer and/or information we desire.
The other day I was dealing with a couple that one partner thought the other was cheating.
The questions were not true inquiry but leading to get the husband to admit and validate the accusations. She had already inquired but was not getting the answer she was wanting to receive.
She was asking to trap. Asking to manipulate.
Asking to validate her own fears.
There are many times we ask things throughout a day…
My realization though is that…
Many of our perceived questions are not actual questions but demands hidden behind the guise of niceties.
And or… a way to gather information to validate ourselves.
So I ask you to ask yourself….
Do I really care about this other persons consent or answer or have I already decided my next move?
Stay Orgasmic My Friends!
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