You don’t care about what others think about you but… maybe you should! 

Yes, this coach is telling you to care more about what others are saying/thinking about you. 

I have been seeing and hearing more at this time of year about people “not caring what others think” and on one hand I am in total agreement. A life lived to please others is going to be a life that never pleases you! 

When we live for everyone else we lose connection from self and the problem is… we aren’t a taco… so aren’t going to fit the bill for everyone! 

Believe me! I lived this way for a large part of my life and still will struggle with it at times. It is a tough one to break free of when you have a great big heart and want to make others happy. But in the end it doesn’t serve anyone’s highest and greatest good. 

This is not what I am talking about when I say that you should care more about what people think. 

When we disconnect from others perceptions of us and disengage from the receiving of these perceptions, we lose connection to how we are presenting ourselves in the world. What the true energy we are sending out is from the outside versus the feeling of it on the inside. 

When we are simply dealing with our internal world we at times think we are sending out one energy or even expressing ourselves in one way but it is entirely skewed by our crazy inner worlds. So potentially the intended energy will not be received in the same manner. 

The same goes for only listening to positive comments about self and shutting down any feedback that appears negative or contradictory. 

This can be especially true in relationships. Not realizing the manner in which a thought or action came across but not willing to receive the feedback. Instead getting too stuck in the “I’m just going to do me” energy. 

We ALL need feedback and if we continue to shut this feedback down we will continue to re-create this energy into our lives. 


When I say listen to others perceptions and thoughts about you… that is exactly what I mean. Actively listen!

I’m not saying that you need to take on the feedback as truth or that you need to change. I’m simply saying that we need to hear others perceptions. 


Because if you continually are getting told the same thing over and over again… for better or worse. There could be a message in it for you. There could be something that you are not hearing that could really make an impactful change in your life. 

I’ll throw myself under the bus here…

This very morning I received two messages and they each stated pretty much the same thing. The gist was about shining my light and allowing others to see. And funnily enough I’ve had several people and angel messages saying this same message over the last few weeks. And although it was a positive message and a message of expansion… I kept blowing it off. I thought, “yeah I already am doing that!”

Well when the messages came from two different people within 5 mins of each other… I realized I was not being very receptive and that I’m presenting in this other way. 

This was luckily a positive message but there are also messages that we receive that we don’t listen to until it’s too late. 

Now again, we don’t need to take on other people’s perceptions of us. Though listening from a almost scientific research perceptive of curiosity can be helpful.
And maybe it resonates. And maybe it doesn’t 

Now there are also times and people you can pick and choose to do this with in your life. 

I don’t listen to everyone that wants to give me feedback on how I should show up, what I’m doing wrong, what they want to advise me on…etc, etc.! 

I mean in the same day I have one person telling me that I am a “whore” because of what I coach on and someone else that tells me that I’m not showing enough skin or sexy enough in my videos! 

Nope, not a taco…not going to please everyone AND don’t need to drop into everyone’s feedback. 

And remembering that EVERYONE is coming from their own skewed crazy inner world as well. So any feedback is always going through a lens of their beliefs, experiences, and thoughts. 

But there are those in our lives that give us feedback that we can trust enough to drop into. Those that are coming from an energy of truly trying to share. 

With these people taking the time to listen from a place of curiosity can give us vital information. 

Then we are able to stop and tune into self to make the choice to take it on, make changes, or completely drop it.

But in this New Year and all this growth you are desiring. Stop to pay attention to what you are truly presenting to the world. Is this what you desire? Is this a forward moving energy? Or one that’s going to hold you back from your abundance?

Truly Listen, Connect with Self, Then follow your Soul! 

Love, Light, & Blessings!

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