I feel the winds of change… do you feel it too?

It’s the rumbling in my belly
It’s the fire expanding from my sex
It’s the sudden tugging forward to the unknown
It’s the waking up and feeling a new swirling energy in not just my sphere but also those around me.

God/Universe is sending out a call
And our souls are answering

A call for greater depth!
A call for next level expansion and exploration
A call for us to decide to finally say YES

Yes to ourselves at all levels
YES to soul opening sex
YES to relationships that feel good
YES to receiving financial abundance
YES to connecting with a deeper spiritual connection
YES to experiencing all the juicy yummy little pleasures and blessings that each and every day has for us.

We are being CALLED and some of us MANDATED…
To step into our desires with passion, purpose and a fierce fiery energy that will burn anything that stands in the way.

The change is in the air and blowing us towards what we have been waiting for all year long.

There has been a stagnancy…
A waiting.
A cementing.
A pause.

In the energies.

But the winds have made a sharp turn.

I feel the call…do you?

If you quiet your mind and allow yourself to go within…
Tune into that stirring in your core.
Tune into that feeling in your heart.
You feel it. I know you do!

It’s a little scary.
It’s unknown.
It will require growth.
It will require a relearning of self
It will require an expansion of self.

But that stirring is also so very exciting.
It is the orgasm of life creeping up your very system and wanting to be released.
It is a depth that you’ve never experienced before and a uniqueness of self that you’ve never yet owned.

I’m being called to different things and depths than you…
But the call still remains for everyone that is willing to immerse themselves in its divine guidance.

I know you are feeling the change in your bones.
Or maybe you are doing anything and everything to avoid feeling it.
Placing your hands over your ears and putting your head down.

But are your going to claim it!
Are you going to grasp ahold of this energy and ride the wave or are you going to continue to sit on the sidelines not doing what you were called to do with your life?
Not having all the juicy pleasures life is made up of!
Not having the sex, the relationship, the career, the FREEDOM!!

Are you going to let these winds fill up those beautiful sails and take you into the beautiful waters of your life?

Or are you going to stay put and not allow yourself to get blown away in what was meant for you?

You can choose to avoid and shut down the winds of expansion and abundance that are blowing in. It is your choice but there will be a cost…

A cost to your physical body from constricting and resisting
A cost to you joy and pleasure
A cost to your soul for not living in alignment
A cost in looking around at your life and not being satisfied with what is presenting.

I know my choice!

Feel it!
Experience it!
Suck every juice morsel out of it!

Allow it to take me on the ride of my life and to even greater personal depths on my own journey.

I know you feel it!
Will you claim it?

Sending you all…

Love, Light, Blessings,

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