There are so many things on our brain, body, and even hearts as women these days. The chaos of the world can quickly steal our energies and change our vibes. 

Leaving us..

Energetically depleted

Guarded to our hearts

Chasing for change with a low wire

Living from our headspace

And disconnected with the divine light from within. 

So many women these days find themselves hungry for love, connection, and the time and safe space to tune into themselves. 

So many will do the inner work from a headspace but don’t tap into the energetic realm. Don’t allow themselves to be touched and let down their guards at the soul level that creates real change. 

As women we are powerful forces of light when we are empowered and embodied!

What is offered in this Specialty Coaching Package?

This program is not going to be another program where you are going to sit and talk about embodiment and empowerment. This program is going to be you stepping into it from the very first session. 

Types of Session Work

Each of the 10 sessions will include energywork and experiential healing sessions. 

5 Traditional Energetic Clearing Sessions

Bathing Ceremony to honor your divine self

Body Empowerment Breakthrough Session

Goddess Reveal Session

Soul Mapping Art Session

Its time you Unveil that Fire Within!
Don’t spend another year out of alignment with your power and beauty. 
Fill out an application today! 

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