I don’t care what your relationship status…
Would you date yourself?
Or marry yourself?
Or be in a long-term relationship with self?

This is a vital question for our own continued growth, to look at how we are showing up in the world.
We live in a “I don’t care what people think of me” society but it is imperative that we take time to look at how we are as relational beings.
Relationships are one of the most beautiful teachers for our growth. Often we can think we are one way but once we are in relationship we start to see that we show up completely differently. These are amazing lessons of alignment on all levels.
When we are dating it can be easy to judge others looks, beliefs, ways of being, and overall energy. The same goes for when we talk about our spouses or long-term partners.
The problem is when we hold others up to standards we also must be willing to live up to those same standards.
And this might be an unpopular opinion but not all judgment is bad and having standards in relationship is healthy.
We of course can make it healthy but these things alone are not unhealthy in relationships.
That being said, if we expect someone we are dating to take care of themselves physically and have respect for our bodies… is that how we are living?
If we want someone who has healthy communication… are we are healthy communicator?
It’s not about going for perfect because being perfect is boring AF!
Are we showing up in relationships as attractive to others in our energy and habits? Are we treating others how we want to be treated ourselves?
And hopefully some of your answers are YES!!! Yes, I would date me because (insert all amazingness).
But I bet there are areas you would say, NO! I’m not stepping up in my life and relationships in (insert growth space).
If we want to build strong lasting relationships with others then it is essential that we take time to evaluate where we are at in our journey. Looking at if we are matching the energy we are expecting to call in or maintain in relationship.
Its a simple question with a complex depth…
Would you date yourself?
Stay Orgasmic!!!