“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”- Rumi
I had the great honor last night to sit and explore wounding in sexuality with a group of amazing individuals.
I watched as people I had never met shared their hearts and souls with me and the rest of the group. I watched as people that I care deeply about dove deeply into their own wounding. And I stood there …. leading but feeling so much!

With each moment my own wounds were pried open and felt. I saw myself wanting to tell people they were wrong…. in their perceptions of self. I wanted to save the room from the pain of the wound.
With all my heart I wanted to take it away!
And even if that was possible, in truth, I wouldn’t…
Yes it was difficult to watch these truly beautiful and dynamic souls talk and present their wounds. To hear about their past trauma, current insecurities, and where they feel stuck.
It was where their compassion came from…
It was where their connection to spirit birthed…
It was where their determination and resiliency came to develop from…
One person stated in the group that the wound is what connected us all that evening but in hindsight I disagree.
It isn’t the wound that connects us.
It is the learning from the wound and the moving forward in spite of our wounds that connects us. It is the light and beauty that we develop from that wounding that connects us at a deeper level.
Because although we explored the wounds…
We explored and celebrated the strength of the human spirit and desire. We cheered as each person, whether out loud or just in quiet contemplation moved into their strength and power. As each person was willing to sit with their feelings and explore their depth.
With each sharing and connecting we were able to see ourselves better!
In truth you can’t watch people over and over again verbalize their own inner B.S. and not look at how your own inner dialogue and all the B.S. you spew…
I’m not worthy
I’m not strong enough
I’m broken
And I know I can’t watch people continue to dive through their wounding and focus on their strengths and moving forward without also being inspired. I can’t look at those I care so deeply about being vulnerable and sharing their hearts without also cracking my heart open as well.
It’s not the wound that matters in our lives.
It is what we do after the wound and with the parts of us that feel wounded.
Do we allow them to control us?
Leads us/guide us?
Or do we see them, love them, and then use them to push us forward and find new levels of self?
We all are wounded… that is inevitable.
Though it is a rate group of individuals
(Some of whom I had the pleasure to work with last night)
That grow from that wounding and are better souls because of those experiences.
How are YOU dealing with those wounded parts?
Are you sticking your head into them or are you healing them while keeping your eyes upon whom you desire to be?
The beauty of YOU!
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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