When someone in your life recreates or rips open old trauma wounds… look within at the patterns you are manifesting.
Don’t look from a point of view of beating up on yourself but instead look at where you still have things unhealed. Look at the lessons there are still to learn in your life… because we are all still learning and growing.

Our wounds will be recreated until we learn and expand. And sometimes we have to keep coming back around to similar situations to heal at new levels each time.
If you keep hearing the same feedback…and experiencing the same situations….
Then there is a lesson YOU need to look at within YOU.
Its not because of the “toxic people” in your life … thats a blame game to dismiss our growth.
It’s often about looking at why your energy continues to call in those “toxic reactions” from people.
Own your own shiz & grow!
The wound is the place the light can enter our lives.
Love you all!
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