You are constantly defining self…
But what is your definition.
In daily human speech you use the words “I AM” more times that you might realize.
Meaning you are defining yourself over and over again throughout the day.
Owning who you are and planting a stake in that claim.
😳😳But what are you choosing to own? 🤭🤭
Are you owning your beautiful abundant self?
Your fire and passion?
Your core of light and love?
Or are you owning the things that are dragging you down?
The things that others have boxed you into or used to define you? And then you in turn took on as a ‘piece of you’?

What you are choosing to put behind the words I AM…
Each and every day is a validation to self of who you are to self and others each and every day.
So what does that definition really look like in all reality. Not just maybe what you say/write in your moments of high vibe moments of affirmation but truly throughout your day.
How are you speaking about yourself?
If you truly think about it you are probably defining yourself in ways that you would never consciously want to claim.
“I am sorry”, “I am needy”, “I am being stupid”, “I know I am needy”, “I am tired”, “I am sick”….
Own, claim, own, claim, own, claim!!!! 🤭🤭🤭
If the above is your daily repetitive talk to self and others then even if you throw in a few positive affirmations… they aren’t going to get much traction with this intense energy field you are building.
And lets be clear…
Our words have energy and some words are more powerful than others. Some of the things you’re claiming are going to stick onto you more than others…
“I am hungry”, when talking about going to go get lunch generally isn’t going to cause the ripple energetically as…
“I am stupid” , which more than likely is going to hold more emotion and power.
Often the power of these words and the claiming oof them come from a space in our past. Maybe our parents, teachers, friends, family, or just society placed a hard label onto us. Maybe this was when you were a child or last week. In truth the timeframe doesn’t matter.
As adults its our jobs to choose our definition and keep redefining in the way that moves us forwards. Yes, seeing the places and space we need to grow but not being defined by these spaces.
Instead we can recognize our need to do inner work and still keep it positive and the energy moving upwards.
“I am growing and learning to make other choices” (Instead of I’m stupid)
“I am grateful for your waiting for me” (Instead of I’m sorry for being late)
Little shifts in the claiming allows us to claim who we are in an uplifting way.
Changing simply what you place behind ‘I AM’, can change how you feel internally and how you are presenting externally.
It is the beginning of you calling in the life you desire.
It just takes a bit of conscious focus to change your world.
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