You dilute sex to a mere 30 seconds of high-intensity

Until you change your beliefs about your sex, your sex won’t change!

And one of these B.S. beliefs is that sex is about the finish line
About a 30-second climax that is edgy and highly intense
About that peak that leaves us pulling away moments afterwards because it goes from….

High pleasure to TOO MUCH…STOP!
Within seconds.

Our focus is simply all wrong.

We focus on the “get off”
We think we haven’t done our job if our partner doesn’t cum
We think we are broken if we require time
We see 3 minutes of penetrative sex as normal

Yet we wonder why our sex is not doing all the amazing things that we read about…
Why aren’t we having the massive physical/emotional health benefits?
Why aren’t we desiring sex more often?
Why are we never satisfied and find ourselves watching porn, masturbating several times a day, using toys as the only means of pleasure, and just going through the motions?

Or we simply wonder what the big deal about sex is…
It’s just overrated!
Why the heck would anyone DESIRE this shit?

So when someone talks about having hours of deeply orgasmic sex we are bewildered!!

We don’t understand how one would even last long enough to have penetration for 30minutes, might as well hours!

And we immediately confuse climax with orgasm.
We are too focused on the end game…
And thus we shut down all sexual potential.

Not realizing that the orgasm comes from the exploration and the connection

Not seeing how when we stop focusing on just getting off that our sex opens up to a whole new level of pleasure.

Not understanding that our biggest sex organ is our brain!!

If you want depth in your sex you are first going to have to change your idea and your beliefs about what is truly possible in your sexing.

That there are so many different types of orgasms
That there are orgasms that don’t even require any touch!!

Believe me I experience them all the time and they are pleasurable at even a soul level!!!

The problem is that you haven’t experienced it and so don’t think it is possible! You are waiting for it to happen before diving into the depths and being willing to take the steps that will lead to GOURMET SEXING
…. when that is completely backwards and the entire issue!

You have to believe that it is truly possible to have hours of orgasm and deep sexing. That multiple orgasms is not only available for a few but for EVERYONE and ANYONE!

Man or Woman…

But you have to change up your focus
And you have to allow yourself to surrender into a new depth of experience in your sexing.

If you think you can’t find anything else in your sexing
If you think orgasm is a myth
If you think that orgasm is simply a genital process
If you think that you don’t have the time or energy

Then you are right!
And don’t bother

Sex is about connection…
Connection with self
Connection with other
Connection with spirit
Connection with energy

But sex is also about the moment!!!
And if you are so focused on the end….
you miss the moment!!

You miss the tingles all over your skin
You miss how your breath can intensify and move the energy
You miss reveling in your partner’s body and pleasure

So change how you are looking at your sex
Let me say that again


Look at how much you are truly surrendering to the moment. Are you reaching and trying to orchestra an “orgasm” or are you flowing with it?
Explore what your base idea and the purpose of sex is to you!

And if you want a more orgasmic sex…
Stop telling those old broken stories to yourself about what is possible.

When you reawaken your sex your life will reawaken as well!
But your beliefs are vital!

Go live a fierce & fulfilling life!


Self-pleasure is the perfect place to start rearranging your sex!
Finding depth with self can open up not just greater solo pleasure but greater pleasure with a partner…

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*Photo credit to Photography In Wonderland