It’s the most precious thing we have
The way in which we choose to use it is important because once it’s gone… it’s gone forever.

Yet many use it carelessly.
Not thinking about how they are giving their lives away to things that not bringing them joy, love, and connection. Things that don’t se their hearts on fire.
And simply not using it to find ways to set their hearts on fire.

But you know this.
You know how you are spending your time and the things that you are choosing to fill it with. Whether that be with the consistency of …

TV, video games and social media
Work, work, and more work.
Or meditation, connection, and play

Or most likely somewhere in between.
You know what you are or are not doing
And you know if it’s aligned to the person you desire to be.

Though today, I’d like to ask you about you time with others.

We not only take our time for granted but also take others time for granted!

Not remembering that when someone is spending time with us that they are giving us a piece of their lives. They are sacrificing the most precious thing they have in order to be with US.

Whether they are the “busiest” person in the world that is always running off to the next thing or person

Or if they seem to have nothing else going on and their life seems pretty clear of “productive things” (in your opinion)

The fact still remains that they are sacrificing a piece of their life to talk with you, to sit with you, or to help you out.

That’s pretty bad*ass that someone is entrusting you with a piece of their lives for you!!

The same goes for the time we are giving to others. We are giving away a piece of our life to that other person and that is so very powerful.

And also can be dangerous if we are not careful with the time we are giving away. Is is meaningful? Does it matter to you and or the other person?

The biggest question is if you are actually present with that other person?

Are you truly present in your relationships to make the time commerce worth it?

I don’t mean is it productive in the normal sense…

I mean worth it…

Are you half in the conversation/moment or are you two days in the past or future?
Are you really loving and sharing with the other person or are you holding closed and tight with your heart?
Are you laughing, joyful, or getting something out of the present?
Are you giving space for someone and thus giving a beautiful gift?

Or are you not present and holding back!

One of the biggest complaints I hear in my couples work with clients is that one party desires more time…

This sometimes is true because they aren’t getting enough time with each other but many times it is that they are needing more conscious and presence in the time they are getting.

And this is true of all relationships.

Its often that we throw our time around like it is free and thus don’t see the urgency of us getting present with it and present with those around us.

We have ALL heard that if we should appreciate the people in our lives right now because they won’t be there tomorrow. Some have heard it so much that it has almost become cliché.

But really stop for a second and think…
Like truly stop reading and think….

Was the last time you spent with the top 10 people in your life meaningful in some way? Would they know they were important to you? How would it feel if you suddenly got a call and they weren’t around any longer?

Were you present with them? Did you feel their presence? Were you present with yourself?

We do a grave disservice to each other when we stop seeing the greatest gift anyone could ever give us…

Time with presence.

I don’t care if your ego gets into your head and you feel like “they don’t have anything better to do” or “they owe me this time”, or that you think half-presence is okay in relationship.

They are giving you their life
And you are giving them yours

So choose wisely how you are choosing to give and receive this true act of love.

And choose to see others gift of time to you as just that… a gift.

And begin to see every moment of your life as something that is precious and to be used with presence.

Choose to give time with presence and stay conscious of the time you are receiving and cherish it!

Because it won’t be here tomorrow!

Love, Light, & Blessings,



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