It’s already seeping in for some.
The depression.
The sadness.
The struggle with mental health.

I’m already hearing stories of the darkness that is enveloping people’s minds in our current world situation.

When we are forced to stop our normal hustle and bustle then we must be with self. We must be with our entire selves and all the intricate pieces.

The beautiful and the challenging.
Now add on stress and the energy of current times and it can easily be that we get sucked into darkness.

As a society we’ve learned to avoid connecting with our inner worlds.

And for all the spiritual practices we claim to have integrated and all the “self-growth” phenomenon…

Many still struggle to sit with self.
And despite the uptick in mental health practices being a part of our daily lives we have also added many disconnected practices as well.

Many have kept themselves so busy that the discomfort of being without the constant movement is devastating.

And in times of stress and negativity our demons can come out and play.

As I talk to friends, family, and see posts…
I’m seeing a massive uprising of major mental health issues.

Some people with OCD are seeing their worst nightmares play out in front of their eyes

People with eating disorders are finding rationale to not eat or to sitting with massive amount of food to binge on

People with depression are sitting alone in isolation

And let’s face it… most of the world has anxiety right now!!!

It’s not about just people with diagnosable disorders but more about how anyone can really struggle. Even the people you would usually look at and not think they would struggle, might actually be struggling.

As our light grows so does our shadow.

Now I see a beautiful movement to focus on joy and happiness and this is AMAZING.

If we are able to do this and keep our focus on our joy and blessings then YAY!!! My suggestion is you reach out to those that aren’t there…

So many are struggling to ask for help and reach out.
Not wanting to be “too much” or “bother anyone”
Thinking themselves not worthy of the help.
Or in truth beating themselves up because they have allowed the energies to get to them. Thinking they should know better or that there is something wrong because they can’t just snap out of it.

I could go into all the spiritual work that might need to be done in the future. All the ways that you need to look at your ego. To look at how you are overly depending on others. Need to do shadow work. Cut energy cords. Etc.

But right now…



It’s okay to ask to talk to a friend or loved one.
It’s okay to have a moment and share that you need to vent.
It’s okay to be “unproductive” and do something that just makes you feel good.
It’s okay to say that you are struggling.

Yes, many people might die of COVID-19
But many many people will also die of suicide throughout this pandemic.

This is a time to support each other and not shame each other for desiring support. For not wanting to be alone. For struggling with old patterns that often arise in times of uncertainty.

By coming together and supporting each other we are creating more positive energy in the world.

When we allow someone else to love on us or help us we give them a gift. When we help someone and lend an ear we also give ourselves a gift.

I can tell you that if this had happened 15years ago I would be in massive struggle. I would have been in massive eating disorder behaviors, OCD would have been through the roof, and I’m not sure I would have been able to sit with the the feelings of depression.

I feel blessed to have done the work I have done and am still feeling vibrant. To have worked through many of my demons but I know many are not in that same place.

So right now is a time of taking stock of the work that still needs to be done. The ego that does come up. But to know that you don’t have to go through this alone.

I’m not saying to stop taking care of self and plummet into victim mode. This is how you will over-stress your relationships. Giving self and other some space is needed in already stressful times.

Though if you find yourself going down a dark road… reach out. Be authentic and honest about where you are instead of pretending everything is “fine”.

You are worth support!
You are worth love!
You are worth the time!

Here are some self-care tips:

1) Take a break from news/social media for at least a few hours each day

2) Get creative. Even if you are not the “artsy type”, this can be a great way to move some energy. It doesn’t matter what it looks like in the end or if you are good at it. Just that you are using your creative energy.

3) Read/listen to uplifting books/shows/music. What we are feeding our minds plays a huge role in how we ultimately feel.

4) Routine. Wake up. Get up. Get moving. Don’t sit in your bed all day in your pajamas. Try to wash/dress and change into normal street clothes each day. Make a list of things that you want to accomplish that day. Make sure to move your body and get your natural feel good chemicals moving.

5) REACH OUT IF YOU NEED!!!! There are suicide hotlines and e-coaching if you are struggling. Don’t wait until you are at your edge before asking for help.

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