The element of surprise is so magical.
Yet when it comes to your life you squash the magic!!!

Today I drove a friend and her family to the airport for an adventure. She had not told her kids where the adventure would be and what it would entail and so as we drove she dropped little playful hints.

There was curiosity, there was laughter, there was anticipation in the car, and excitement for what was to come in the next few days.

I sat there thinking to myself… “HOW FUN IS THAT!!!”
The excitement of knowing you are going on an adventure but not sure exactly what will happen.

How f*cking magical is that.

On the drive home I had a moment of beautiful nostalgia of moments where I had experiences of being led off to surprises. Not knowing what was to come and the yummy feelings of expectation. Remembering the feeling of loving energy that someone had planned something extra special for me. The butterflies in my stomach but the feeling of surrendering into the moment.

But then I thought… “Well that’s kind of LIFE!”

Every day we wake up and have no clue what is going to happen. We might think we know but in truth there is always a new learning, blessing, and experience in each day.

Our days are filled with constant surprises BUT…

We try to reel in and control our lives to where we take all the magic out of our days. Scheduling every move we make. Pre-planning conversations. Making check lists.

And never jsut letting go and following soul on our journeys.
Thinking we have to see the next 10 steps before we move forwards. Not trusting the Universe to always be creating the next step.

To the point that I hear many adults come into coaching and talk about how they HATE SURPRISES!!
How sad!
To lose that joy and enthusiasm for the wonders that could be coming into your world… and truly the wonder that is already present.

So many look out into their worlds with fear about what is to come and so work to keep small. Never taking a leap of faith.

Though when we lean into joy and look at our days with childlike wonder it is amazing what we will be gifted with…

Magical surprises of every kind.
A beautiful flow of energy throughout the day.

Allowing someone else to take the reins and surrender…
Letting your soul take the true reins.

We don’t have to be going on a big adventure to lean into the surprises of our day. We don’t need someone to “go out of their way” for us in order to experience the childlike enthusiasm.

It’s about opening up to the present moment and allowing your life to flow. It’s about finding magical moments to look forward to each and every day…

Whether it be a trip you are going on… or your hot cup of coffee.

Explore all the hidden little surprises in your day and stop squashing the magic!

Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,

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