I see you…
Standing there.
Steady. Stable. Unmoving.

In your self affirming cage…
Comfy and cozy.
Verbalizing that you want to get out
And yet not taking any action
Not pushing forward with any force.

Just standing there and taking the inner abuse
Taking the external expectations
Pretending that you are all peaceful and happy
But never pushing for more

And smiling about it
Putting on a spiritual “all is right in this moment facade”
Becoming inauthentic while hiding behind the “light and love” spiritual jargon.

A cage that maybe wasn’t created entirely alone
But one which you have decided to make your own
Adding your own thoughts, own ego, own shadow
Taking on others beliefs and expectations

Maybe verbalizing you desire more
Stating that you are on a growth path
Maybe complaining about all that you are “doing”
But in the end just standing face to face with the cage

Standing there…
Looking straight at your opportunity for growth
And yet doing nothing about it.
Choosing not to get MESSY
Choosing not to shake your world
Choosing to ignore the negative and fake positive

Choosing not to step into the true meaning of love…
Which sometimes looks like pain and truth.
With self
And with other.

You’ve been given the opportunity to bust free from this cage.
To embody your true spirit.
To connect with all that makes you human
To revel in the messy, bold, and scary

You have those that see your light…know you have something beautiful to offer… WITNESSING!!
Calling out to break free

Yet you choose to stay.
And it’s not that you choose to stay…
Because we all have these moments where we aren’t yet ready to break out of our cage.
What is a travesty is that you don’t even see the cage.
You aren’t feeling the push
You think you are doing the world a service by staying stuck

By avoiding the negative
By being inauthentic in your true feelings
By never FEELING

Instead you have gotten too comfortable in your cage.
And no one can drag you out
It is your responsibility to peak over the edge….
Look through the bars
See that you have the power.

Allow yourself to dream of more and desire more
To tap into those parts of self yet discovered
And then fight, push, scratch, crawl, scream
Or maybe simply tap the door open.
To step out into the big bright world and truly expand!!

Allow yourself to be enveloped in the orgasmic ride of your life potential. The good… the bad… the in-between.

But you have to first see your are in a cage
Then you have to choose to tap into the fact that you really aren’t happy in the cage
And then you have to get the F*CK OUT!

No one can love you enough to make this decision
No one can affirm you enough to make this decision
No one can push you enough to make this decision

YOU are the only one that can choose real expansion
Choose out of your “oh so comfy” cage.

You have the power but will you make the decision?

Sending you all,

Love, light, and blessings.



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