I know you might want it from a logical perspective but your soul isn’t screaming for it… so therefore you don’t really want it.

I hear what you’re saying about wanting your dreams to come true over the next year. As we enter a new decade you are looking out and see so much that your logical brain desires. And in truth, there is a reason you desire it.

It could very well be a part of your path.
But you aren’t craving it
You aren’t willing to sacrifice for it
And I mean truly sacrifice…
Because with all big dreams, goals, and desires come a requirement for us to leave a little bit of our old self behind. Which is a sacrifice.
AND It can be scary as hell.

But when it’s aligned
It is oh so exciting!!!
It is when our souls are screaming and calling to the things meant for us. It is when we can’t NOT think about that thing that we know at our core is meant to be ours.

And in these moments there is no holding us back.
And the fact that you aren’t going…
That you aren’t already hustling for it…
Haven’t already taken that next step…
Tells me that you don’t really want it at that next soul level

Maybe it’s not truly meant to be yours and your desire is not a true core desire but instead an ego-based desire. A desire that you feel you “should” want.

Or maybe you aren’t allowing yourself to flow and flourish
Scared what it would be like to truly finally succeed and shine bright.
To finally have that loving relationship
To finally drop into a next level sexing that transforms
To finally have all the money you need, want, and desire
To finally have your career come together to your purpose

Maybe the issue is that you are allowing everything and anything in this world to get between you and your dreams.
Usually, the biggest blockade being your own logical mind.
But the truth is…

You don’t truly desire it.
Not in the clear and passionate manner that is meant to skyrocket us forwards.
You might be speaking the words
But you are not taking the actions.
You are not hustling in the energy and passion

You stop and go; Not tuning in and truly listening to your soul goals. The goals that your soul is screaming loud and clear for you to go towards. Instead, you’ve turned down the volume.

So when I see your mouth moving about your goals…
All I can hear is “Mwa, Mwa, Mwa”
Because you haven’t yet let the passion overtake you and radiate from your core. I don’t see it lighting up your eyes yet. And so no matter the problem…

You simply don’t want it yet!
Because when we truly desire something
And are hell-bent on getting it
Then there is a fire that can’t be denied.
THAT is when you can’t fail

But you haven’t leaned into your soul enough
And so as you enter this new decade
You enter with a dullness
An uncertainty

Instead of a knowing of self and soul
A hearing and feeling into your core
It requires you to connect your heart to your head
And overall getting your head out of the game
Because right where you are at…

You might claim you want it…
But unfortunately, you’re lying to yourself!

Love, Light, & Blessings,



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