You have to find yourself each and every day.

I hear so often… “I’m finding myself”…

Where did you go?
And how will you know you have arrived?
If you are not with you, then where the f*ck are you?

All things that pop into my mind when I hear this phrasing from my clients and those I love.

You don’t have to go looking for self! What you in turn need to do is to slow down and connect with self.

But even with that it is still not a destination. We don’t just connect and stay connected. It is instead a process…

One could call it an unlayering process that you are always coming back around too.

Though many think we must just do this every once in awhile but in truth, we must do this process every single day.

Tapping into our core and discovering who we are TODAY. And in the NOW.

We are always in a state of flux and change and even the most boring of humans changes and evolves each day. None of us are ever the same as when we woke up the previous day.

We always have different experiences, different emotions, different hormone levels, and the bodies constant natural cycles. Never are we the exact same physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Though we tend to approach ourselves, our world, and even those we love as if we and they are the same.

We base our judgments of others based on previous behaviors. We think that if someone had a reaction one time that this will always be the case. If they have a desire, preference, or boundary one day that it will be the same the next. We stop trying to learn them and explore them.
We lose sight of their constant newness.

With ourselves we think that similar experiences will give us the same outcome. We think that our sex drives, our emotions, and our bodies should remain in the same place at all times. So we stop checking in with self and enter autopilot mode. We stop seeing all our own growth and expansion and honoring our every changing natures. Leaving us to step further and further away from authentic living.

Instead we have the choice to not live in autopilot mode and instead reestablish a connection with ourselves each and every day. Honoring and meeting ourselves and those we claim to love with a new heart and eyes.

And not just to connect but in order to share from a place of authenticity and integrity.

Owning that who you were and who they were yesterday is not who you/they stand here as today.

Yes, we should have a core self that is steady but even with that there are always new depths to be explored.

We must gift ourselves with taking the time… even if it’s just a few moments… to reconnect with self each day, several times a day!

And if we desire to have healthy and expansive relationships then we must gift others with presence and an open mind for how they have grown and changed each and every day.

Otherwise we will continue to walk around feeling unseen, unknown, and lost in our world.

It only takes a few moments but these few moments can impact the depth of which you will inevitably meet yourself and expand yourself.

Love, Light, & Blessings,



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