Dating all comes down to energy
And energy can’t be faked!

We swipe
We click “like”
We say “what’s up”

But no matter how good someone looks online
No matter their resume
Or their likes and dislikes
Their amazing profile write-up

It all means nothing until you really get to interact with that person’s energy. Where you can hear them and feel them from a vibrational level.

Whether you are into energy or not…
You still pick-up on this sort of thing while dating
Or really with any relationship for that fact

Though someone’s energy can feel good to you and the energies still not be compatible for romance.
Particularly when we are talking about the bedroom.

Some people are simply not energetically sexually compatible!!!
There is no FIRE
There is no PASSION
There are no… “let me rip your clothes off right this moment because I need you inside of me right NOW” moments.

And if this energy is not there, to begin with then it won’t develop. This isn’t to say that the first few times we have sex with someone that is must be fireworks… the more intimacy we build the deeper our orgasmic potential gets.

However, passionate energy must be present.

And can’t be faked.

Many try to create energy in a dating relationship because of the resume of the other person or because they are “nice” but if it’s not there… then you are only wasting your time.

In truth how we go about the entire dating process should be with passion and excitement. Our viewpoint on even taking the time to swipe left or swipe right will impact the impact of our dates. The way we enter our first date with someone manifests often how it will turn out. Our outlook and beliefs around this process really do impact our physical reality.

However, if someone isn’t right for you then trying to hold out and create energy where none remains is only doing both parties a disservice.

I remember a particular year when I was dating an amazing man. He was sweet. He was gentlemanly. He was an awesome listener and truly did treat me like a queen. Unfortunately… the energy wasn’t there!

Especially when it came to the bedroom!!
He worked his butt off. He tried all the moves in his back pocket and desired to please me… but the energy was simply not there. I felt great love for this man but sexually we were not a match. And out sex tells a magnitude about a relationship. It is the attraction…the love…the connection… the relationship played out in physical form.
And so I let him go. I let him go with massive love. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t him.

It was what it wasn’t!

Though many would try to dismiss the sexual signs.
Most would believe that the sex could get better.
And while skills and techniques can be improved upon.
Energy is there or it’s not.

And the more we try to drag these things out the more we are often pushing against out very souls. Our souls that are screaming “This isn’t right”!

When we truly look at dating from a place of unconditional love, then we know that it is never loving to hold someone when they are not meant for us. It is not loving to pretend that energy is present that you are not feeling. This instead is selfish and deceitful. It is more loving to focus on your learnings and honest sharing with the other person and cut them loose.

We never can rekindle a fire (energy) that was never lit!

Love, Light, & Blessings,
Addison Bell

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