Men tell me all the time that they wish their wife, girlfriend, or a woman they desire to pull into their life was a “Goddess”, confident, sensual, and living her life ‘out loud’. Usually one of the first questions I ask them if they are sure they truly know what they are asking for and if they are the kind of man that can handle a Goddess. This is when I get loads of raised eyebrows but the truth is that many men think they want these feminine and confident aspects in a woman but once they have it they realize they asked for more than they bargained for in a relationship.

A woman in connection with herself is not willing to constantly skim the surface. No, they want depth in all things and will continue to push you to your depths. The conversations are going to be deep, emotional, contemplative, and abstract. A true Goddess is always going to be wanting to go one step deeper into the things she is passionate about.

This is great if you yourself are a man that is open and willing to explore great depths. But if you want to come home every night and veg out in front of mindless television then you are going to find a very unhappy woman! This is not to say you can’t have moments of funny and light conversation but overall you better be reaching for more in your life.

Not only is she going to desire you to explore your depth but she is going to want you to explore her depth as well! Depth explorers together.

And in truth her depth is scary AF!!!

There is intensity, fire, peace, storms, love, and beauty all mixed up.
And you better believe that she is going to test you with it all to see if you can handle her. If you can handle all that she brings to the table without running. So although you get the divinely beautiful you must be prepared to stand strong in self when that pendulum swings!

As a man you might be dazzled by a true goddesses sexual prowess but can you stand up to the task? I mean this incredibly seriously because you are going to have to dive into a level of sexing that you potentially didn’t know existed. There must be heart-opening connections, you must stoke her sexual energies into a steady long burning fire, you must be able to work with her energies throughout the process, and I have one word for you…. STAMINA!…for hours!!!

Yes, she is not going to ever be satisfied with crap fast-food sexing because she knows she is worth more than that and she uses her sex to fuel her life. And not only will you not be able to microwave the sex but that goes for the relationship as well. Presence in a world that promotes everything but, will be a requirement, while dancing in her ocean/fire depending on the day!

So you may think that having that truly amazing Goddess of a woman would be amazing but are you truly the man you need to be?

You have it in you… it’s just going to require your discomfort & your expansion!

Light & Love,