You Can’t Handle the Divine Masculine

“Men are so clueless and don’t know how to treat a woman”
“I need a real man”
“Men just want one thing”

I hear these comments all the time from clients, friends, and on media platforms. Guys are getting a raw deal! In truth I have seen more men recently desiring to truly step-up and step into REAL relationship and connection than women. Men that are in their divine masculine. Women are complaining and stating that they want the beautiful divine masculine that holds them but the truth is…

You Can’t Handle The Divine Masculine!

Yes, I said it.

You can whine and bitch and complain but you can’t handle the man that is truly in his masculine energy!

Then you would be challenged to step into your Divine Goddess nature and that is scary as hell. Any divine masculine is going to require you to surrender, to step into natural flow and OUT of your masculine…

Meaning you are going to have to let go of control. You are going to be silly and playful and allow yourself to be held.

And let’s be honest… that’s not how you’ve been living your life. You want depth and connection but aren’t willing to truly take this leap.

It’s not comfortable and you are stuck in all your societal beliefs about being an “independent woman”. Well guess what….

The harsh…I’ve got this alone….Don’t F*ck with me…I don’t need a man… give me the vibrator I’ll do it myself mentality…..


A true divine masculine wants to see you dance in the beauty of your feminine energy and is playing the music for this divine seduction. He is going to challenge you to be led in a world that doesn’t promote us to surrender.

The divine masculine is going to challenge you to look at your heart. To step into your heart and also to lead him deeper into his heart.

The divine masculine is going to require your playfulness, your silliness, your heart, and your passion. Are you really willing to step into your passions? Are you really willing to be playful and silly…and yes feel like a little kid again?

The divine masculine is going to stand firm in your storm. And that sounds great but then you won’t have someone to blame, someone to push away, someone to validate that you aren’t worth it!

The divine masculine is going to show you depth in your sexing that is scary AF!!! Yes, because he has the power to make your body quiver, your heart pound, and you to truly truly desire MORE! He will require you to receive and to find areas of release in your sexing… release of pleasure, release of emotion, release to a deeper level of pleasure….

And that, yes, that, will change you. That will challenge every negative belief you hold about yourself deep in your heart. He will open up a world of possibilities and desires to you that will crack your very soul open….

And that is uncomfortable!
That would make you “too much”….too many feelings, too many desires, to many dreams, too much energy…

It’s easier to not even open this amazing world. To not face the fact that YOU are the one not wanting to connect. That YOU are the one that is pushing your pleasure away. The YOU are the one not willing to dive into your depth.

You Can’t Handle A Divine Masculine!!!
?Because he is going to challenge you
?See you
?And ultimately change you…

Change you because you will find the beautiful Divine Goddess within.

F*ck THAT…

It is much easier to stick with the average man that validates all we think about ourselves, validates you to continue to stay stuck in your masculine energy. And that validates you not growing. Not changing. Not truly opening and surrendering to your life.

Yes, it’s just easier to grab the vibrator and tell him to go away and take care of himself. Actually lets instead not even masturbate and just become shut down.

Yes, it’s easier to reach for a man that is disconnected because then you don’t have to connect.

Yes, it’s easier to just B*TCH about men….

Because in truth you can’t handle the divine masculine!
And you don’t truly want the divine masculine.
You’re okay with status quo!

Though, they are out there!
Wanting your heart, your mind, your energy, & your love!

Love & Light,