This morning I opened my backdoor to get some fresh air blowing through my home and to give my cat, Athena, a chance to roam.

The last few days, Athena was crying at the door about wanting to go outside but with the recent rain and chill she had been denied each and every time. (She’s a 95% indoor cat)

Though this morning I opened the door wide and she took a few minutes to roam and play and then came inside. She was quickly over it and fine until I once again closed the door.

She didn’t miss her outdoor play until I told her she couldn’t do it any longer. She didn’t have this desire until the choice was taken away.

My moment with Athena this morning is like what many across the world are feeling right now.

There are things we were not stepping into…
Activities we were not participating in
Relationships we were not cultivating
Food and personal items we were taking for granted…

Until we were told we could not do or have them.

Many who were not taking advantage of dating are now complaining that they can’t date
Many who weren’t getting together with friends are now upset that they can’t gather with those they love
Many who didn’t appreciate toiletries and wasted food are now up in arms around the perceived lack.

Often it takes a big wake up call
Us losing or being prohibited from doing something before we realize that it’s an important piece to your life… or a desire you have but haven’t been taking action towards.

Though, instead of berating ourselves for the appreciation or action we DIDN’T take we can begin to use what is happening around the world as an opportunity to tune into the action that we need and desire to take NOW.

We can start tapping into those desires that arise throughout this time…
The desire for human connection
To take action on our well-being
To do something new.
To change our relationship status.

We can begin to plant the seeds that will be able to bloom when all of this begins to clear and/or take action now if it is within your possibility.

This is a vital time to start paying attention to your desires!!
Because when we slow down and are forced to go within then we see where we are not living towards our highest and greatest good. It’s a beautiful moment of seeing and aligning.

We often put things off in our world…
I’ll do it later… tomorrow… next week… etc.
Never actually getting to it.
Always finding another distraction or reason.

Leaning into the comfort of the moment instead of your desire for the long term.

This is not a time to beat up on ourselves but it is a time to pay closer attention to where we can re-align. Where we can grow and expand… even if not comfortable. This is a time where we can step out of our normal life circumstances and hone into those soul goals and commit to making them happen.

Yes, for a little while you might not be able to live out your desires the exact way you would like but you CAN set your wheels in motion. You can begin building and cultivating the things you need to do to move forwards.

And you always can grow and expand self!!!
This is always a way to plant your seeds.

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings,



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