You’re Trying to Microwave That Shit!

Have you ever been cooking and sat there and thought if you should put something in the oven or choose the microwave?

Thinking about the time you would save by just popping that yummy little morsel of food into the microwave and having it totally warm and ready to eat.

You could have it NOW!!!!

And you are so incredibly hungry that you want it all satisfied at this moment.

The oven would simply take to long!!
It would feel like torture to wait.

The problem being that you microwave something and it losses all its pizzaz. It turns mushy and almost makes you sick. There are usually areas that are not as warm as the others and other areas that have been way over-cooked.

To the point that you have potentially ruined the whole thing.

Well, surprise, but most people in the dating world are doing this in relationships!!

You are so hungry for connection and manifesting all your desires for kids, family, relationship …

And ultimately LOVE

The thing we all want more of!!!

That what you end up doing is trying to microwave that shit!

Yes, you are trying to microwave this yummy gourmet relationship …..

So you take all the perfect ingredients.
The makings of a truly orgasmic experience and learning.

Instead of letting them slowly bake in the oven where you can add things, alter the temperature, check in on it and watch as it warms…

See if it truly meets your desires and expectations and just have the experience of watching as it comes to life…

Instead, you are choosing to microwave it and turn it to shit! It will never be as good as it could have been. You will always have lost some of the flavors even if it is alright.

When we take the time to get to know someone just for the true connection and experience

When we allow things to develop as they need to develop in the time that is needed

When we really are present and not so focused on the hurry up and let’s get to a destination

And when we allow space for the other person to breathe, expand, and also to potentially show us areas of our own ego… and areas of their ego.

THAT is when we truly have a gourmet relationship!!!

When we rush into things we end up shoving shit under the rug that matters to us and that will come out in uglier ways in the future. We end up feeling smothered or the other person ends up feeling smothered.

And in truth we miss so much.

We might claim that we SEE the person and want to KNOW that other person and maybe even LOVE that other person…

But none of these things are possible if we are hotwiring connections.

Relationships require time to develop.

Yes, you might have an instant connection and attraction to someone.

AMAZING!! Pay attention to that shit… because energy tells us so much about ourselves and where both parties are in a relationship.

You can feel a connection but still choose to be present and walk slowly and grow something.

Oftentimes when we feel we need to microwave a relationship…

It is NOT because we are in love.
It is NOT because we want to know the other person
It is NOT because we want to expand into an orgasmic relationship


Usually, its because we are trying to control and OWN..
Yes, I said it.
OWN the other person

Or simply to get things off our checklist…
☑️Relationship to say you have a relationship
☑️Babies/ family
☑️Someone to “make you” not feel so alone
☑️Just to have sex
☑️Someone to make you feel whole and complete

And FYI…

None of these are good reasons to microwave a relationship!
And if you go into a relationship for these reasons then you are building a mushy, disgusting, relationship with no true foundation.

If you want a yummy gourmet relationship then you want to place it into the oven and watch it simmer.

That is the only way to creating a deep and truly authentic loving relationship.

Stop trying to microwave your relationships if you want what you are claiming to want in your connections!!!

It’s SO worth the wait and the journey of expansion
YOU are so worth the wait and the expansion

Sending you all

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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