I don’t care how much you pay me… I won’t work harder than you.

You walk into my office, jump on a phone call, or even take one of my online courses and expect me to fix your entire life for you without any effort on your part.
You get your scheduling emails… but you get too busy to schedule.

You receive your exercises and journaling work after your appointment…but you get busy on other things and if you decide to do it at all, then it gets done 10 mins before your next session.

You tell me all the things that aren’t working in your life… but are convinced without trying that my suggestions/exercises won’t work

You scream, cry, stamp your feet about how you need a different life…

Then you look at me and ask why you aren’t making progress??? I mean, you say you want it! You are paying me after all!

You think I should be pulling some magic wand out of my ass and changing your world.

Newsflash, that’s not how things work. I don’t care how much you pay me!

You aren’t making progress because you are lazy!

And if you keep throwing those B.S. excuses at me about how you are busy, how your kids are keeping you from doing it, how your partner is keeping you stuck, and my all time favorite….

How I didn’t chase your ass down to get on the schedule and remind you.

Then this is going to be a long process!!!

Last time I checked I was doing coaching for adults and not pre-teens!!! I’m not your mommy and am not here to make sure you make your personal growth a priority and that you do your homework.

Heck, even if I was your mom I wouldn’t do that!!!

I see such beautiful potential in each and every one of my clients. If I didn’t, then you would never have made it past the consult.

I love my client tribe so very much…
And so I love you enough to tough love you right now…

2019 has made you lazy!
You say all the right things but you are not doing your work. Even when you are doing all the “right steps” your heart isn’t truly in it. You are half-assing it!

And I only will put in as much as you put in.

If you give me 25%… then that’s what you get back.
If you give me 110%… then honey I will be right there with you giving it 110%.

But you are lost in your excuses.

If you truly wanted it then you would take the time for it! You would get up early, stay up late, and yes even extend yourself financially in order to make it happen.

I distinctly remember meeting with my mentor many years ago and feeling this fiery passion in my veins for expansion. She had what I wanted!

I also remember getting the email telling me how much it would cost. ????

I was just out of grad school… up to my ears in debt… working for less than minimum wage since I was still an intern… and was not sure how I could afford it. How I could fit it into a busy schedule at the time. AND was looking at if I was going to be able to work through the almost paralyzing fear and blockages I had ever felt at the work that needed to be done.

I craved it on a soul level. I knew that I needed it.

And I made it happen. I found the time. I cut back and did everything I could to pull the money together.

And I committed. I was a sponge soaking up every little morsel of knowledge that I could get in sessions. Then I would go home and put all I had into the exercises/journaling. I wrote her BOOKS instead of emails. And the second her schedule came out I was on it!!!

Okay, maybe I was a tad bit more intense then one needs to be!!! I was working a little too hard.

But the key is that I wanted it and I committed to the changes that needed to happen to realize that dream.
I didn’t just talk about it. I took action!

Now here’s the deal.

As a coach there are times when you fall down and need a little bit of someone else’s light to encourage you. There are times when I see someone has been stepping up and is getting discouraged and I will do a little extra heavy lifting. That’s the beauty of my job as a coach.

We are all human and sometimes all need some extra effort shown towards us BUT this is momentary. This is after I have seen the fire in someone’s eyes and the action being taken to jump into the fire.

A tiny boost is not me lifting the whole damn thing!

Personal growth in any area… sex, relationships, self-love, business creation, etc.
Requires YOU… the person in the personal growth to be the key player.

If you want it then start showing up for yourself.
If you want it then prove it to yourself
If you want it then make the time and drop all the excuses.

I love you all so much. I really truly do!
I see such beauty within your souls.
I want the very best for you.

But if you won’t put your heart into it then I won’t either because without your heart the true change can’t happen anyways.
I don’t care how much you pay me!

You have to step up into your life!
And I will be here cheering you on when you do.

Sending you all…

Love, Light, Blessings
Yes Today an Ass Kick!