You claim to love it…
You are constantly desiring it…
But have you ever thought what “it” is???
And if you are aligned to what you claim “it” to be..

The thing so many want, think about, and do… But don’t have a clear understanding of WHY and even if they have a why.. often they are not living in alignment with that why.

We live in a “get off” society where the focus of many is on the moments of hard climax. Yet we also live in a society craving more connection and openness. Claiming to have sex to connect or to have more intimacy with a partner.

When the sex itself is disconnected.
Both parties in their heads and not embodied.
And both chasing 30 seconds of hard edged “pleasure”
And yet left unfulfilled if they are able to achieve it.

Our sex isn’t something we DO
It is an energy of who we ARE
It is a piece of us that is always with us whether we choose to push it away and diminish it
Or if we are having sex 10hrs a day!

Sex is an energy… an energy of passion, creativity, and openness. A connective energy.

We can embody our sexual energy at any point in the day!
Be it, Feel it, Embody it!

Though when we get to the act of sexing…
In order to allow it to fulfill us we must make sure our actions are matching our aligned goals/desires.

If you are claiming to sex to connect with you partner…
Are you slowing down
Are you noticing every nuance and beautiful crevice
Are you exploring his/her body and seeing a deeper part of them?

Or are you rushing to the finish line?

If you are claiming to sex to connect deeper with God…
Are you taking the time to see and feel the God energy within yourself and your partner?
Are you opening your energy and allowing yourself to really feel every area of pleasure and blessing that your body provides?
Are you falling into your thoughts and ego or shutting your pleasure down?

In truth even if your goal is simply to feel pleasure….
Which is still a beautiful thing… to explore and feel the beauty of one’s own body.
Most are not truly becoming conscious of their own bodies during sex or masturbation.

The beauty and expansion isn’t in the head space but in the body itself.

Its in the feeling of every moment and sensation from tips of your toes to your crown. Its in the focusing in on every nerve ending in your genitals. Is in the playing with different breaths and positions and HOLDING that pleasure space.

Not to head to the tip off point but to truly hold in that energy of bliss.

So my question to you today is…
What is your sex to you?
And are you actually aligned to it?

If not, jump into some journaling and exploration to find that deeper resonance with this blissful beautiful energy within.

Love, Light, & Blessings,

Addison Bell


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