You close your eyes
You close your ears
You close your mind
To those things that don’t fit with what you want to see.
It’s always been in front of your darling. Always.
The truth has never been hidden from your eyes
The authentic shares have been free flowing
The energy has been palpable
Yet you didn’t want to see or hear the truth and now you are feeling confused…

Confused about what has been already shared
Hurt about where you feel misled
Swirled when the only swirl has been in your head.
Trying to control and trying to manipulate. Trying to backtrack and create this thing for what you want it to be instead of what it is.
Trying to make your partner who they are not.
Trying to make yourself into who you are not.
Working to cast blame and wanting the energy on the other side to be the same.
You have a vortex of feelings but this does not mean the other party has to play into those same feelings.
Your feelings are yours and come from you.
A lack of opening up on your part does not equal blame on theirs.
Your avoidance of the truth, the energy, the authentic share is on you. Your lack of presence in uncomfortable territory falls on you my dear.
And we all at times don’t see the whole picture and want to avoid and so it’s not a blame game for anyone. You are however to blame if you continue to recreate these same relationships and wounds over and over.
You are to blame because you aren’t choosing to do the work and step up into the arena that is your life.
It is time to open up your eyes and see where you are leaving things on the table in your relationships.
Where are you not really hearing your partners
Where are you not really seeing your partners
Where are you not loving your partners?
Yes, where are you not loving.
Because unless we are able to hold space for the entirety of another then we are not truly loving them.
If you don’t want to see the brightness of their light
If you don’t want to see the depths of their shadow and insecurity
If you don’t want to see or acknowledge their goals and desires… their values… their memories…
ALL of it.
Then you can not truly say you love them.
The small minded point blame.
Instead try to look for the patterns and what has created the life you currently find yourself in.
Where are you hiding from your life?
Where are you hiding from your truth.
Like I said, we all hide at time, but it is acknowledging and owning where we have hidden that holds the power.
Though the power can only be harnessed if we choose differently in the future and embody the lessons which we’ve learned.
Open your eyes darling!
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There is something so powerful and moving about allowing yourself to sit in all your nakedness and feel your power while you at the same time witnessing another in their nakedness.
Nakedness is first and foremost an inner game.
Until we are able and willing to love ourselves as we strip ourselves down to our core…
See our light and our dark
Recognize our wounds and holdbacks
Allow ourselves to own our own power
Until we do these things with self we can never be truly naked with another person. True nakedness comes from true vulnerability and authenticity.
My question to you today is if you are ready to join this rare few?