You sit there begging for the scraps.
Working and trying and hustling to get what you desire

Thinking that some level of self-torture is required

Feeling like you must prove yourself in some way.
Thinking you must earn it all…

You diet and force yourself to do intense workouts to earn your “splurge nights” and the ideal body

You give and give of yourself hoping to earn the love you desire

You work your life away hoping to earn the abundant life you desire

You build, create, publish and talk in a specific way to earn your space in this world.

And none of it is aligned action!

If it was aligned action you would not feel like you had to “earn” it!!!

If it was aligned…

It would feel passionate.
It would feel in ease and flow.
It would be magnetic.
It would fill you up.
It would feel expansive

You are worthy and all that is required right now

You don’t have to earn your place in this world
The second your soul entered your body is the moment you earned it!

You don’t have to earn your pleasure
Every human is worthy and deserving of pleasure

You don’t have to earn your food and sustenance
This is a requirement for life and you are worthy of life! Yes, even the food you are labeling god/bad

You don’t have to earn your sex
Welcome to basic human need just like food and so you are worthy and deserving of this REQUIRED pleasure.

Stop hustling to make everything work
Stop trying to earn everything

When you are continually sending out thoughts about needing to earn anything in your life then that is exactly what the world is going to give you… places where you will have to constantly struggle to prove your worth and really have to work hard to get what you desire.

Life is not a business transaction!

The amount of hustle does not always equal the output.

Your belief, your energetic vibration, your passion…

Your level of ALIGNMENT is your measuring stick to claiming what is yours to be claimed.

This means that YES you still must DO THE THINGS!!!
But only the soul-aligned things.

The things that you know at your core are calling to you and that make you feel good in stepping into consistently.

If you feel like you are punishing yourself to get something… you will either never get it or it won’t have any joy left in it when you finally receive it!

I think food is a great example of this…

So many people are forcing themselves to eat things they hate and do crazy diets/cleanses/etc. just to get the bodies they are wanting. They feel they must punish themselves when they even bend a little in these self-proclaimed rules.

And usually, they go round and round and round for years and are never happy. Or they get happy for a little while and then shortly find themselves right back at the beginning.

Because the action was not coming from an aligned and embodied place where they were listening to what their bodies really needed and wanted. Asking their core what would make them feel good in the long-term and was sustainable.

It drives me up the wall to hear people telling me they have to earn their food!!! WHAT???

Have you lost your mind! You always deserve food if your body needs it. No exceptions.

Now, on that same note… this doesn’t mean you have a “food free for all” and never thinks about the nutrients you are placing in your body. It simply means” tuning in and touching base with what is needed and aligned for each of us.

This goes for everything!

You don’t have to prove your worth and earn it.
You just have to take actions that are aligned.

Then it doesn’t feel like EARNING but instead expanding.
It feels like a natural receiving from taking the steps that you knew from your core were meant to be taken.

You are worthy
You are deserving
And you don’t have to EARN IT

You have to align to it!

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings,
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