What do you mean you don’t journal??
I see you speaking but I don’t understand the words coming out of your mouth….
It truly is incomprehensible to me!!!I journal for my sex…I journal for my money…I journal for my business…I journal for my physical /emotional /spiritual heath. It is a part of me and something I can’t NOT do. Without my morning journaling process and also the journaling I will do throughout the day, I would simply be lost.

And so when you tell me you do not journal I immediately think that you are lost.

YES! If you are not journaling in some form or fashion you are probably at least a little lost in your life.

Why do I say this so strongly?

If you have strong goals and desires then simply thinking about what to do, how to pull it in, and checking in with self does not have the same power from a neurological level as writing it down. When you write down your desires and goals then it is much easier to see the true big picture of the situation.

There is power in claiming a desire/goal in writing that is not present in simply thinking it. Your mind is constantly going throughout the day and so one moments thought about something will not make a huge difference to your overall life.

However, each day writing your goals/dreams/desires down helps you not only validate them to yourself but it allows you to look at what you need to do to move forward. It basically will force you to be accountable….

And I know you might want to be accountable to how you are creating your life.

So when you say that you aren’t journaling and that you don’t put much weight in it….

Well you are most likely going through your day blind! And potentially you life as well.

Because not only can you call your desired life in through journaling but you can also work through the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from those desires.

Do me a favor and think about a desire that your heart is craving! Think about having it right now. Think about right in this moment going and getting it or doing it.

Can you have it?
Are you worthy of it?
Why don’t you have it yet?

Yes, those beliefs…. the beliefs that come into your head when you just read and thought through that. Those beliefs and thoughts need to be changed.


If you haven’t done the hand-written work to get a good honest view of them then you won’t be able to change them.

So when you tell me you don’t journal I think that you must not really want it!

You must not want that relationship and nights of amazing sex

You must not want that dram life of travel, love, money, etc.

You must not truly be committed to improving yourself.

I get it….not everyone is going to LOVE journaling but that isn’t an excuse to not do it. And in truth often people begin to love the process once they get into a habit.

But if you really don’t want to commit to your dreams and goals that’s okay….

I’ll be over here journaling and creating my dream life! Rocking it out…
Journaling my hear out…
With my Soul Tribe!
Love & Light,


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