You gotta have heart!

Just like the old song from the musical Damn Yankees says, “You gotta have heart, all you really need is heart!” 

Today I had several instances where I got messages from the divine and a few moments where I noticed myself pulling away from my greatest asset. The aspect of me that people tell me attracts them to me…

??? My heart. ???

Yes, even a heart-centered coach has issues with her heart chakra at times. And our chakras all ebb and flow throughout our comings and goings of life. Though at times we can feel blocked up… and when this is in the heart-chakra it can dramatically impact our lives!

In order to manifest, in order to laugh, in order to have any joy, or maintain our health, and to connect with the divine…We have to have our hearts in the game. 

Our heart chakra is all about love, compassion, and connecting. without this area of our bodies we are completely lost to our lives. 

Closed off heart chakra….

❤️Your sexing will feel meaningless and robotic. You will be lucky to get a 30 second climactic party but true orgasm won’t be anywhere in sight
?Your dreams/desires won’t manifest because they will be coming from only thought…not from high vibe feelings. Thats if you can even give a damn enough to change your life
? Relationships will suffer because you will lose your ability to connect
? A closed off heart-chakra means no joy and no true play. True play comes from a place of dropping into the heart and out of the mind. 

And unfortunately it also mean disconnection from God and spirit and thus a disconnection from who we ARE. We at our very cores are love and so when we shut down this area of our energy bodies we end up not being able to connect to our spiritual centers. 

We often close down our heart-chakras because of fear. Fear of being hurt in some way emotionally

We allow our monkey minds to run crazy about past, current, or future hurts or hangups. We fear opening to love in case we lose it or can’t hold all the juiciness of the feelings within us…
And that’s not just love of a person!
That’s love of a dream, goal, or situation. 

We fear opening to love because we don’t want to lose but in the end we lose all the juiciness of life! 

Now, luckily we can easily reconnect with this area. It is just going to take a willingness to reconnect with ourselves, and potentially process through our own emotional shit & especially our egos. 

It requires us to first notice when we are holding negative energy around our hearts. The less you acknowledge then the thicker the barriers to your heart will get. 

Once you have acknowledged that something is being held in the heart then….

There really are tons of ways to open you back up!

Even the simple exercise of quieting your mind and breathing into your heart space can make significant progress in releasing stuck energy. 

Meditations can be beautiful to release any negative energies and tune you into any energy cords that may be attached to a person, place, or situation. 

There are crystals that can be used to amplify healing. There is journaling that can happen. There are stretches to open up the chest area.

Go for a walk and just ground in nature while also allowing yourself to lean into the wonderment of this world and all your blessings. Focusing in on that connection with God.

Ask someone to give you a good hug or cuddle with a partner in order to lean into the simple feeling of love…nothing more, nothing less. 

And let’s never underestimate the power of some good music and a hard cry!! Yes, cry that shit out!!!

My point is that there are many ways to work through these blockages! The important thing is that you DO move through them and don’t let them linger too long. 

We want to live our best lives and without our hearts we are living half-dead. Without this beautiful energy being opened up we lose connection with the very best aspects of ourselves…. and really of life. 

Our hearts make life worth living. 

Open up to your dreams
Open up to beauty
Open up to your feelings
Open up to your sex and then people in your life
Open up to yourself!

All you need is Heart!!!!

Love, Light, & Blessings

And just for fun here is a link to the song from “Damn Yankees” :

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