You desire for all your dreams to be like sunshine, rainbows, and have abundance pouring out your backside.
At some point, your going to have to fight for it.
Honey, look around you… You already have a life filled with sunshine, rainbows, and abundance

At some point, you’re going to have to fight for those bigger and greater dreams. You can have wishy-washy wishes all day long but there must be action that follows.
You have to flow in terms of going with what is aligned and where your heart and soul directs but you must also do the mother-f*cking work as well!
You’re going to have to stand in your own fire and in the fire of others while you stand firm about what you desire and what you see for yourself. You’re going to have to do the work with a faith that it’s going to all come to you and that you indeed have certainty of it being meant for you to claim in this lifetime.
I would love to tell you that you are going to be able to stay all in the lovey-dovey feelings all the time and not have to experience any perceived negative emotions.
But I’m not going to lie to you!
You have to do the damn work too babe!
You have to fight for it!!
You have to experience a little bit of contrast in order to direct you along your journey.
By fighting for it I mean you have to fight for that dream in your heart. You have to see it clearly in front of you. You have to own it, embody it, and constantly play with it in a state of joy. You have to push your own demons down and the demons others want to throw on your pile in order to keep your vision and faith.
You have to work for it by continue doing your mindset work and all the things you know in your heart that you aren’t stepping up and into. You have to work by pushing into your discomfort and feeling the excitement of the edge. You have to work for it by, yes, even buckling down and doing the things that are aligned but might not be the easiest to jump into in the beginning. Sometimes even the nitty gritty tedious stuff.
You have to have a fierce ferocity in your very heart for the vision you are holding in your mind. And then you have to do everything it takes (and most of what it takes is the mindset in your own brain) to make it happen.
This means that you don’t give up when things aren’t going right… F that!!!! No, you dig in even deeper! You decide that you aren’t going to accept anything less for yourself and you have a bit of a cry, pound your fists like a baby, eat some ice cream… and then pick your Bada** self up… dust yourself off… and go forth with even more passion and fight.
It doesn’t have to be “hard” but you do have to fight for it. And truth be told the biggest fight is within yourself in keeping the dream alive and safe from the negativity, doubts, and realism of others.
And when one day you find yourself standing in the very place you were dreaming of… you will take a deep breath and look around at the amazing life you create for yourself by fighting and holding tight to your dreams.
You will look around and see the sunshine and rainbows… the same beauty and abundance that is always available to us when we tune in and tap in. But you will appreciate them from a whole new vantage point.
Because you know that while fighting for your dreams you also must see the rainbows of abundance along the way.
So do the work… all the work!
The mindset and the external
Keep the vision!
Dream your dream and dream it big
You’ve got this!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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Ready to claim those dreams?
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