You desire to receive!
You want your partner to smother you in affection
You ask for help with this task or that
You want to be adored
You want to be loved
And yet you aren’t willing to give!

Your time
Your energy
Your sexual connection
Your adoration
Your love and attention
Instead, you ask for space!
You ask for boundaries and respect
You play with their hearts through a push and pull game
And YES, it is a game honey!
You are playing a game with your partner’s heart because YOU aren’t willing to step up
If you aren’t willing to verbalize
If you aren’t willing to talk about it
If you aren’t willing to work it through
If you aren’t willing, to be honest
Then you are in a state of manipulation and inauthenticity
And are therefore out of alignment with self.
You might scream…
About how you don’t want to deal with the “drama”, the “emotions”, the “fallout” of your truth
But yet you stand there still having expectations of your partner to continue to be open and give
Yet you stand there not living up to the expectations you place on your love!
When relationships get into a state of commerce then you begin to stand in dangerous territory. Relationships are best when coming from a place of love and simply a true desire to be there for the other.
We each have times in our relationships where we are more in a state of giving than receiving or receiving more than giving. Sometimes we need space and time. And sometimes we aren’t at our 100%
That is the beautiful ebb and flow of relationship!!
It is one of the things that can make relationships so beautiful… the true fluidity and supporting of each other.
That being said and when you begin to take someone’s love and willingness to be there for you for granted. Or you continue to push them away while still expecting the same level of devotion.
You enter dangerous territory!!!!
Often we do this in relationships without a conscious recognition. So we find ourselves pushing away and pushing away, and pushing away some more…
And yet confused about why we aren’t receiving.
Confused when our partners stop giving their 100% to the things we ask of them….
Whether that be in the bedroom
Helping with the kids
Attention and love towards us
Or even doing a task or errand.
Relationships and Love are two different things
Love is an innate thing we feel and can have for another person. We can love someone from a soul level and it is unconditional. Love in it’s purest form never needs to be reciprocated.
But welcome to being human… and human relationships require both parties!!!
Relationships ARE a give and take of energy
And our partners are not mind readers!!!
Your “clues” and off-handed remarks are not healthy communication!
You don’t have to spend hours and hours of conversation hashing out details but direct communication is essential to continuing to grow in an intimate relationship.
If you pull away energetically
Stop having sex with your partner
Are consistently unpresent
Or focused on their faults
But yet expecting them to go the extra mile
You are desiring a slave… not a relationship.
And more than that you are closing down in a relationship the more you close down in your life.
Verabilize and get clear with your expectations of others!
Are you expecting more than you are willing to give?
Love you all!
Go be fierce, fiery, and live the fulfilling life!
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