You keep running the same race…
Over and over.
Different people
Different places

But the same old story over and over.
Continuing to think that if you just keep push forward in the same way, that things will eventually change.

Instead you are creating the definition of insanity.

You are not actually taking the time to heal, to ponder, and to look within in order to create a different template.

I don’t care if this is your business, your relationship, your sex, your child rearing….

If something isn’t working time after time.
If you are wondering why you keep meeting the same people over and over again
If you are defeated and ready to totally give up because you current template isn’t working

The answer is to stop running the f*cking external race for a moment (or ten) and look within! Seriously.

You pass over the internal work and if you do it then you only stick your toe into the waters of your depth.
You focus on everyone and everything else.
You will sit and internally berate yourself and those in your life.
You will intellectualize

But you will never move forwards in the direction you desire unless you slow down and look within. And I mean truly look within. Without caring what others outside of you are doing or have done.

Your patterns are YOUR FAULT!!

You may have not implemented them but as a grown a*s adult it is your responsibility to heal them, learn from them, and grow with them.

It is not your parents fault
It is not your partners fault
It is not your best friends fault
It is not the moon or the universe

It’s all you baby!

If you constantly find your partner cheating…
If you open up to people to find yourself feeling unloved…
If you can never get anywhere in your business…
If you find yourself constantly sick…
If you can never find the orgasm…
If you can never find Mr./Mrs. Right…

Look within and see where you are pulling this into your life. Work through your blocks. Build different patterns. Find more self-love and take the time you need to dive deeper into the most important person in your life…. YOU!

Otherwise you will continue on this merry-go-round.
Maybe that means putting a business, a relationship, living together, or something else on hold for a moment. DO IT.

It doesn’t matter if it might shake up those you claim to love. It doesn’t matter if you will have to sit in the discomfort of your feelings for a bit.

You will not and cannot be your best self without the inner work. Without taking the time to soul search.
And if you are stuck in a circular pattern then in order to break free you must do the inner work.

Yes there is a time to step forward and take action
No you can’t live in your journal or coaching sessions
But you have to build the foundation.

You have to do not the easy breezy inner work.
That just the tip of the iceberg work.
No you have to dive into the parts you don’t want to see and hear and you have to breathe into your learnings from these places.

If something in your life isn’t working then YOU are the only person you can look too
There is so much lip service we give to know the above principles but I challenge you to stop giving lip service to it and start actually diving within.

Then your soul will guide you!
You will find your next step.
You will open to that life that you truly desire.

But first you must go within!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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