You matter.
You do!
Your smile.
Your heart.
Your guidance.
Your energetic presence.

It matters and so do YOU.

This world would not be the same without you!

Every day you are making an impact with the words you say, the vibe you bring, and with the actions you take.

It matters and so do YOU.

You might be the person walking around in a grumpy mood all the time. Having “Scrooge” energy and thinking that your negativity and hatefulness towards the world doesn’t make and impact. Believing that the world owes you something.

You might be the entrepreneur that is putting out content. Wondering if your heart-filled message is even touching a soul. Starting to doubt self because… “I’m not helping anyone anyways”.

You might be the stay at home Mom/Dad or the new man on the totem pole of your company. Doing the daily tasks and never getting any real external reward. Never hearing, “You’re doing a great job”!

Or you might simply be caught in your own head and all the negativity it is dishing out to you each day. Not seeing a way out of the chaos that has become your life. Not thinking that your life truly matters.

So you sit there wondering.
Why be kind?
Why keep trying?
Why keep sharing?
Even potentially, sadly enough, … Why keep living?

The answer?

Because you do matter!
And whether or not you realize it…

You make a massive impact on those in your life each and every day. Your smile could change someone’s day. Your little offer to help could take a ton of pressure off of another. Your writing/video could change someone’s outlook on life.

Though we also must be careful with our energy because it can also impact in the negative. We can cut someone to the quick with our words. We can suck the energy out of a room. We can impact another’s whole life with our momentary actions.

Though at the end of the day…

You are lovable. You are worthy. And YOU MATTER!!!

You can choose to allow soul to guide you and lean into energetic love throughout your day.

Knowing that you are making an impact whether it is seen or not… You are leaving your mark.

And quite honestly…


Leaving a positive mark on someone’s heart is the best kind of mark to leave.

So you might not see it.

But you are leaving your mark. You are leaving a legacy.
And don’t give up…
On your humaness
On your dreams
On your life





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