A word that we often see in a triggering and negative light.
Particularly a word we perceive as negative in the bedroom.
Taking him/her…
Taking your desire…

We see this word often through the eyes of forcing one’s will upon another.
We see this in rape and narcissism
From the perspective of not having consent

“Taking” often gets skewed into not caring about another human being and that thought that we are walking over their boundaries.
It is seen as animalistic drive… which at some level it is.

But it is also a spiritual need/drive as well!

We often don’t see this aspect of how it is spiritual and a requirement of a fully healthy and functioning human in and out of the bedroom.

Therefore we instead manipulate and twist actions to be called gifts.

Instead of acknowledging our desires we instead step into the “giver” role but it is from an egotistical and inauthentic place. It doesn’t have the same energy or impact because it’s actually authentically taking.

Giving is doing something for another’s growth and benefit.. And if appropriate consent is in place then the other is in receiver mode. Both know what their role is…

Pretty clear cut.
While sometimes lack of communication can have us uncertain in these roles…

We ultimately understand what it is to give and to receive…

But to TAKE…

We see taking as going against the grain and as something that hinders our growth and is non-spiritual. Though what is not seen is that we ALL TAKE and in order to grow, expand, and learn we must have moments where we are in the taker role.

These moments where we see and know our desires and act upon them with the consent of another. Stepping fully into our desire and going after it with a fervor.

And there are moments where we are in the ALLOWING role which is the contrast to taking.

Yes, where we can wholeheartedly give the gift of allowing another to utilize us in a consented fashion.

But the taking energy is needed for us to see the pieces of self that are still human and owning our desires, passions, and hungers. And then stepping into action and not continually shutting down these very primal desires.

Taking is getting what we need for us with allowance of another human being.

The key to taking is consent…
And that means consent that has been verbalized and discussed and all parties know where they stand in that consent.

How would your interactions change, particularly in the bedroom, if you decided to own when you are in the role of taking?

What would it be like to not fake “give” or get what you desired in a backhanded way… instead you owned that you really were in need of taking and then finding a consenting person to fill the role of allowing?

You want to touch someone??
Instead of beating around the bush and trying to ask someone if they want a massage… and other ways of
manipulating your way to your goal from giver role…

Why not just own that you are desiring to touch someone for YOUR PLEASURE. Yeah pleasure may come out of it for them but at the end of the day is for YOU. It is NOT a true authentic space of giving if you give a massawge from this desire to touch ….

It is simply you trying to avoid your desires…
It is a way for you to feel good about yourself or not look bad and circumvent you truly seeing self.

Taking only crosses the line into harmful when there is not consent and roles are not properly understood and establish.

In truth it creates way less negative and resentful energies than when you are giving from a taking headspace.

Where in your life are you avoiding being the the zone of consentual taking?

Where could you truly be manipulating the giving energy and thus breaking the boundaries of consent?

Its okay to take!
We all need to take at times in order to tune into that primal piece of us and be fully authentic.
Taking can be a beautiful energy of grabbing onto iour desire…

While not stepping over everyone else’s boundaries by the beautiful thing called consent.

Without consent… you are simply in rapey energy!

Reawaken this diving piece of self…
And TAKE with ownership and consent!

Reawaken you Sex, Reawaken Your Life!


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You want to feel the power of energy flowing through your veins in an orgasmic manner! Desire to feel as you body is overcome with sensations! Crave to find healing…


Photos taken by DandelionImages