You know what you want…
It brings about that turn-on and excitement in your very core when you think about it. It truly feels GOOD to you!
Though your head comes in with all the reason (which are actually just excuses) as to why it won’t work. Why it can’t work. Why it’s not a “smart” decision.

You feel both what you want and desire…
While also feeling the fear and uncertainty begin to creep into your mind. You feel torn.
Excitement and Desire…
Fear and Doubt…
But you can taste the desire!
You visualize how warm and fiery it would feel to have it
You visualize what you would be doing and what it would look like to have it within your grasp.
You can mother-f*cking TASTE IT.
And your soul wants it for you.
Here beautiful is your choice point.
You don’t have very long to make this decision and you can’t ride the fence on energies.
You either choose to walk in faith and certainty.
KNOWING it will come to pass and TRUSTING that you are always supported and guided.
That if the desire was placed in your heart then it is yours for the taking.
Or you choose to lean into fear and doubt.
Pulling apart every detail. Worrying about the HOW.
Wondering if you are good enough and worthy of having it all come to you. Fearing what you are desiring not coming to pass and therefore not jumping in with both feet.
It’s a choice of where you focus. It’s a choice of surrendering to a bigger and greater plan.
It doesn’t truly matter HOW big the dream, goal, or desire is…
Doesn’t take any more or less energy to manifest.
It just requires you to set your eyes upon what you want.
Lock it in as done in your mind.
And then let it GO!
Let it go and allow it to come to you with ease and grace.
The worst thing you can do when you really desire something is to hyper-focus and obsess about it…
Stirring negative energies.
Pulling in doubt
and therefore…
Pulling out the excitement
Stamping out the positive exciting energies.
Grasping it so tight that it dies in your very hands.
And in truth…
Most of us do this with our dreams and goals.
Until we see that it isn’t getting us anywhere.
Only when we trust, have faith, and let it go do we truly pulling in what we want.
So today if you feel that desire in your heart.
See it. Feel it. And then let it go.
Let it go with a knowing that it will come to you.
Try to refocus on something else in your life that feels good and that has no resistance.
Then watch how the Universe will work in mysterious ways to bring you exactly what you desire.
And remember…
Don’t fake it! Claim it!
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