It feels oh so GOOD!
The feelings you are experiencing are what you have envisioned for so long
The energy is flowing and the blocks are quickly being blown out of the way, leaving you in an attuned and flow based space
You’ve desired for so long to truly tap back into your heart, unlock your sexual energy, and embody the fire that is within.
Your mind is feeling nourished.
Your body is feeling nourished.
Your spirit is simply soaring.

All the yumminess of life is unfolding before your very eyes.
And so now obviously… you want to RUN.
Yes RUN!
Because it feels “too good”, “too aligned”, “too open”, “too free flowing”, and you’re scared.
“Can I truly hold this new level of beauty and energy? Can I hold the energy as my vessel of light expand just a little bit more and cracks me open to new lands?”
This is what you wonder as you step into each new layer of self and openness.
It feels so risky to keep expanding because the higher you climb the further you have to fall and your subconscious/primitive mind is wanting to keep you from feeling any pain and heartache.
But you also know that if you don’t climb this mountain then you will miss so much beauty.
You think you are more scared of the darkness but the light, success, love is the scariest place of all because you are left with you heart splayed open and you find yourself floating in the tenderness of the Universe.
Having to trust.
Having to have faith.
Having to truly flow.
Though you are not anyone…
You are strong and vibrant and are a spirit warrior.
Yes a warrior that is connected and present within yourself and has the power to witness the ego… witness the potential for self-sabotage… witness the desire to run for what it is…
Your next level.
Some go about wanting average and ordinary and never tap into their true desire that is innate within all humans to expand and open further.
Meaning to feel deeper, soaking in all the pleasures that this world has to offer and feeling the lows that are contrast to those highs.
Meaning to allow the energies to free themselves and reach to the heavens while tapping into the swirl of the Universal energies all around.
Meaning to open to LOVE in all its forms.
You CAN hold the beauty
You CAN feel the love
You CAN keep expanding
Knowing that the expanding come with discomfort but the blessing is just as profound.
You deserve, you are worthy, you were born for these energies and connections.
This is your path and you can keep breathing into the wonderment of each moment.
It’s scary…
But its the way of the spirit warrior!
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There is something so powerful and moving about allowing yourself to sit in all your nakedness and feel your power while you at the same time witnessing another in their nakedness.
Nakedness is first and foremost an inner game.
Until we are able and willing to love ourselves as we strip ourselves down to our core…
See our light and our dark
Recognize our wounds and holdbacks
Allow ourselves to own our own power
Until we do these things with self we can never be truly naked with another person.
True nakedness comes from true vulnerability and authenticity.
My question to you today is if you are ready to join this rare few?
Men or Women… this is about you standing in all your magnificence!