You were not put here to be peaceful.
Peace is simply a slightly more positive boredom
And I can promise you that this life we’ve been given to live is far from boring if you allow it in.

This is why constant meditation and quieting your mind is actually more harmful.

Yes, the tantric practitioner and spiritual teacher is saying that… Meditation can be wasteful and even harmful at times. Trying to live in a state of peace is a state of boredom and is you cutting off the life you were meant to live.

It is hiding.

It is you hiding from the rush of life
It is you hiding from the the darkness that helps to expand your light and feel love even deeper.
It is you avoiding the highest highs
It is also you avoiding sitting with your own thoughts and inspirations and allowing your vibrational momentum to move you.

Moments of meditation are beautiful and can help us reconnect with self and our spirits.
But we can stay connected to those things as we go about our day without dropping all thought.

Moments of passing through and reveling in peace can be soul-filling but they quickly fester to boredom and lack of inspiration/motivation. Peace is not reaching for something better…. love, joy, bliss.

And peace solves NOTHING!

FYI… spiritual leaders and those that make a big difference are not peaceful!

They rage, they rally, they live big but they also can go low.
We can do all of that and still do it from a core heart of love.

Jesus flipped tables… yelled about his beliefs… got angry
But Jesus was not a peaceful man.
Loving, passionate, embodied… but not peaceful.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Spoke his mind with fervor and rattled cages. Didn’t resort to physical violence but did not walk around with his head in the spiritual clouds and ignore his anger. He used it to push him forwards and spread more love and humanity.

Ghandi…. was not peaceful. Again he did not physically attack but he was violent in his utter belief towards his cause. He meditated and connected with spirit but he also engaged from that spiritual place! He had passion.

And passion is not peace.
Passion is a fire.
Passion is life moving

So when you say that you just want to live in peace or tell me that you are meditating your life away. Trying to fix your vibration, my response to you is..

You are fixing nothing!

You are simply leaving your vibration right where it was to escape.

You are avoiding really living your life and listening to the thoughts and desires that create new worlds.

Now taking time to meditate and clear your energy can help… don’t stop meditating if you feel called because it is a helpful practice. But I do ask that you stop using it as a way to escape your life and live an unemotional life.

You are meant to live a life that is a rollercoaster.
You are meant to have the up’s, downs, and in-betweens’
You are meant to have all the emotions and desires.

Your vibration in how you deal and feel will decide if there are more up’s or more downs. But we have to notice the contrast to know what we want.

Don’t live a peaceful life….
Peace is boring and overrated.


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Love, Light, & Blessings,

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