You will ALWAYS find what you are looking for! It is law.

If you are looking for amazing abundance in your life that is always showing up… then that is exactly what you will get in your life.

If you are looking for where you are lacking in money, relationships, health, etc…. then that is also what you will get.

What we validate in our reality is what will continue to be presented to you by God. So if you are desiring things to come into your life then you need to start acknowledging their presence instead of their absence.

Money is an easy one because so many of us are looking for more wealth in our lives. Instead of noting and validating all day long when you DON’T have the money you need, begin to notice the moments when money DOES come into your existence. Even if you simply find $.10! Money is Money.


It is so easy to get stuck in a pattern of the “not enough’s”. The problem being that we are AMAZING manifestos and so we end up calling more of the “not enough’s” into our lives.

It’s simply a decision to change your thoughts and refocus them on the HAVES and not the HAVE NOTS. When we want wants us too and so it is out there waiting for us if we begin refocusing our brains in a health and productive way.

From another perspective of this same topic we also do this in all areas of our lives and not just in the areas we are purposely trying to call things into our lives.

I see it in my clients when they are looking at their partners. They expect their partner to be “lazy, crazy, a jerk, insensitive” and that is EXACTLY what they pull in from their partner. We have an expectations that this is what we will see and the Universe matches our expectations. We focus on these things and we get exactly what we are focusing on.

The same thing goes for if we had the idea that we are going to have a difficult day, or if we think we have to “work hard” for things, or if we believe that we aren’t lovable, etc. That is exactly what we get because that is what we are looking for.

If you want a beautiful relationship… start seeing where you are already in some beautiful relationships in your life.

If you want more more then LOOK where you have money.

If you want to have an amazing day then LOOK for amazingness in your day.

If you want Love then start LOOKING for little moments of love and connection in your day.

What we seek is what we find. Always!

What are you looking for in your life?
What is around you in your current reality is a great answer. If you desire a different reality then start looking for a different reality.

Love, Light, and Bliss!