I see you…
Always working so hard and yet never thinking it is good enough despite your best efforts. I see you looking out at others comparing your insides with their outsides.
Screaming within that if you just did it this way or that THEN it would be better.
Then they would love you more…
Then you would finally be seen…
Then you would get it right.

So you tweak…and you prune…and you constrict!
Cutting yourself to fit a mold that was never meant for you and thus leaving you feeling all misshapen.
Feel pulled and torn.
I watch as you plan and you try to control in order to grasp for what you desire. Grasping instead of dropping into the flow. Dropping into the desire.
You grasp at all you think you need and all you desire.
The issue is that the grasping is the very thing pulling your goals and your alignment further and further away.
I see you working…
I see you striving…
But I don’t see you in your passion and flow.
I don’t see how you are allowing your life to be playful and fluid. Like the waves of an ocean as the waves roll in crash and then roll out. Never stopping. Never comparing.
Simply flowing from one moment to the others.
I see you hiding from your core with things that are only masks.
Masks to keep you from fully stepping in and from fully being you.
You stand in avoidance of allowing your full self out authentically and unapologetically.
So you hide…
Hide behind fake smiles
Hide behind fake playful moments
Hide behind a life that you are not in love with
Hide behind alcohol, drugs, food, socials and anything else that you can reach for to fill the hole.
To not be seen.
And I mean truly and utterly SEEN!!
Seen for all that you are and all that you could be.
That magnificent and glorious person that you KNOW is inside of you and that you know is craving to come out entirely.
Yet you stand there letting your ego take the reins
Listening to your B.S. excuses around lack of worthiness… being too much… being not enough… about needing to do it one certain way… about being responsible… about needing to fit in and be loved.
Well, darling!!! You will never feel loved until you’re living straight from your core the way you were meant to live. That’s because until you are as YOU then no one can love YOU. No, instead they would love a false YOU…
And you will feel that.
You are striving
You aren’t even far off
But your life won’t ever truly “click” until you get into your flow and into your love of self.
You have to choose to leave the ego thoughts behind and pulling them into the present moment. You have to tear down those safe little walls of hiding and masking and allowing it all to be seen.
Allowing yourself to release into the core flow of who you are… you, my darling, are as deep and expansive as the ocean but if you continue to avoid, detach, and trust in your ego instead of core…
You will never find the beauty and all the hard work will be for nothing.
All the striving.
All the exploration
Will be for nothing.
And darling you were meant for so much more!
I see you…
Now you need to see you!
Sending you all Love from Punta Cana!
You have it in you.
You feel it.
Now step into it!
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